How to Make a Small, Windowless Office Feel Bigger

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Do you have a small, windowless office? Does your home office look like a dark and tiny space?

If yes, then this post is for you.

With the right arrangement and décor, you can transform even the darkest and tiniest of spaces into lovely office space that’s well-light and appears big. Here is a guide to making the office feel bigger. In this post, you can learn about eight tips and tricks to make your small, windowless room feel brighter and bigger.

1. Choose Light Colors

To get started with the transformation of your small, windowless office, it is critical to choose the right color palette for your space. To give a more airy and spacious feel to your small, windowless office, it is always best to go for light, airy colors because darker colors absorb light and make your room feel closed-up, dark, and gloomy. On the other hand, when you choose lighter shades, they help reflect light better, making the room feel bigger and wider.

However, choosing lighter shades doesn’t mean you have to stick with white. While white is the best color to add depth to your space, you can get a similar effect when you go for pastel shades and lighter tones. Try choosing blush pink or powdery blue for your small, windowless office and experience a significant change in how your office looks and feels.  

2. Utilize Your Vertical Space

One of the best space-saving hacks for a small, windowless office is to utilize the vertical space. You may already have storage systems in places such as shelves and cabinets; however, horizontal storage doesn’t always work for small spaces. Horizontal storage systems take up a lot of space, making your office space look smaller and more cluttered.

Hence, if you have a small windowless office that you want to appear bigger and more spacious, it’s best to rely on vertical storage solutions such as cabinets and shelves. With more things aligned with the wall vertically, you can enjoy a larger space in your small office.

3. Add Lighting to Your Room

Don’t have natural light in your windowless office space? Don’t worry. You can add artificial lighting to your office and make your office feel bigger. However, the kind of impact lighting creates in your space depends upon the type of lights and the placement of the lighting fixtures. Moreover, you don’t always have to rely on a single overhead lighting fixture. Rather, you can add multiple lighting sources in your room, such as desk lamps and a few lighting fixtures on the walls.

Furthermore, you can also consider adding lights in hidden spots such as under the shelves or behind the furniture to add appropriate brightness and aesthetic appeal to your office space.

4. Furnish Your Windowless Office Wisely

Your small, windowless office can appear smaller with an inappropriate choice of furniture. Hence, to make your small, windowless office feel bigger, it’s best to go for sleek furniture with a minimalistic design. Instead of choosing bulky ergonomic chairs and giant tables, you can go for sleeker versions of ergonomic chairs and tables that can help create a sense of airy space in your small office.

Similarly, for storage systems, choose floating shelves instead of chunkier cabinets as they help clear up a lot of space in your small office.

5. Add a Few Greens

The small, windowless office may appear gloomy, but one of the ideas to make windowless office bigger is to add a few plants. You can find several indoor plants that can survive with limited sunlight and maintenance. Moreover, the presence of plants in your small office can also improve your mood and boost your productivity. Some of the plants that you can choose for your small, low-light conditioned office include snake plant, Aloe Vera, and varieties of palms and ferns.

6. Go for Seamless Flooring

You must have heard that your floor is your 5th wall, so you need to give enough consideration when choosing the flooring of your space. But your choice of flooring becomes more critical when you have a small, windowless office.

To make a small, windowless office feel bigger, it’s best to keep your flooring simple and try to use the same type of flooring throughout the space. When the flooring runs through continuously, it gives a seamless and spacious appeal to your space.  

7. Expand with the Illusion of Mirrors

A well-placed mirror is one of the best ways to make a windowless office bigger. Not only does it create an illusion of a window, but it also expands the space and adds depth to your small, windowless office. Since mirrors reflect light, they make your space appear bigger and wider.

You can find several types of mirrors, including mirrors with panes and mirrors featuring art, but you should go for one that best aligns with the furniture and overall theme of your small, windowless office.  

8. Create a Calming Ambience

Your small, windowless office doesn’t have to be gloomy. Transform your space by creating a calming ambiance in your home office. Invest in an oil diffuser and several types of fragrances that can enhance your mood and elevate your energy levels. Some of the scents that can be a great fit for your small office include citrus, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender.

Final Words

When you have a small, windowless office in your workspace or your home, you can make it appear bigger and wider by trying out some of the ideas that we have shared with you. By choosing lighter colors, and sleek furniture, appropriate lighting, and well-placed mirrors, you can transform your small space into an office that appears quite spacious.