How to Get Started on a Pool House Addition?

Starting on a pool house addition
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Every homeowner’s dream is to have a pool house that functions as the perfect in-home retreat. It not only does it increase your property’s monetary value, but it also offers many functional benefits.

The versatility of a pool house allows you to make additions as fancy or simple as you like. It all depends on your preferences and the budget you allot to the pool house addition.

If you have a knack for glamor, then you can have a pool house that has it all. From a big kitchen to a spacious bathroom and an open bar, you can go as big and luxurious as you like.

Similarly, if your budget and taste are more inclined towards a moderate setup, you can simplify the design. You can include a half-bath and one large open space that can dual as storage and pool house.

Regardless of what kind of pool house addition you want, the basic steps of getting started are the same.

Keep reading below to learn about the guidelines you need to follow to get started on a pool house addition.

1. Measure Your Pool House Space

Once you have the basic layout of your pool house, you can start working on your ideal pool house additions. The first step would be to measure every room to get the dimensions of space you are working with. Doing so provides you with a clearer picture of the kind of additions you can make in your pool house.

For instance, if your lounge space turns out to be too narrow, the idea of a big kitchen and a separate bar needs to be benched for a later time. It would help if you  focus on making additions that could better fit the available space.

2. Allocate a Budget

The most important thing to consider when  considering a pool house addition is your budget. It does not matter how fancy your choices are, your options be limited if you’re working with a small budget for the additions.

Hence, to avoid getting carried away and focus your time and effort towards the best possible options, first allocate a budget. Once you know how much money you are willing to spend on an addition, your search gets narrower and more focused.

An allocated budget also helps the pool house design company make suggestions you can consider.

3. Choose Your Ideal Pool House Additions

A pool house is a versatile structure that can house as many additions as your design and preferences allow. It can have a game room, study, kitchen, dining area, fully functional gym, and so much more.

Once you have measured your space and allocated a budget for this project, you need to sit back and visualize what your ideal pool house additions need to be.

It is wise to consult a professional pool house design company for this step. Their experience and expertise would help you make an effective choice and optimize your available space properly.

For instance, if your pool house is wide and open, simply adding a lounging space with couches and a rug is not the best choice. To fully utilize the area, you can set up a medium-sized lounging space on one side of the room and a full kitchen built on the other.

Likewise, if your pool house space is narrow, forcing in a kitchen, a lounge, and a bar would make the outlook suffocating.

A Lounging Space

Most well-designed pool houses have a lounging space in the middle. After being informed regarding the size and budget you have to work with, you can style your lounging space accordingly. If your pool house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, keep the aesthetic light and stick to a soft color palette. Lighter colors reflect whatever amount of light streams in through the windows better and make the area appear wider.

Get a cozy rug that matches the color tones and surround it with comfortable couches. You can decorate your lounging space with live plants, lamps, candles, mirrors, and a small coffee table. The lounging space would be great for family tea time or a memorable game night.

A Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most practical and useful pool house additions, especially if you intend on using the pool house as a guest house for people staying over for many days. Depending on your dimensions and budget, a kitchen could be as extensive as having a pantry, oven, and fridge. If the kitchen in you pool house is small, a stove, mini-fridge, and a small counter would do.

A Bathroom

A pool house without a bathroom would be incomplete. Having to rush to your home for a bathroom break or a post-swim shower would be highly annoying. Hence, a half-bathroom with a toilet sink would be ideal.

Depending on the available space and your budget, you can splurge and have a full bathroom with a shower built in your pool house.

Storage Space

All pool houses were initially designed to provide storage space for pool equipment. Now, the modern pool houses are more than just storage sheds. They contain bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and much more. However, a pool house’s purpose of storing equipment can be ignored.

Storage for your floaties, pool cleaning equipment, and other pool-related items is necessary for any pool house. If your pool is modest in size, you can build cabinets on one side of the open space. On the other hand, if you can spare the budget, you can dedicate an entire room for storage.

You need a storage room for storing pool equipment, bath towels, floaties, and even recreational pool games.

Get Started on Your Pool House Addition!

A well-planned and designed pool house offers you a getaway without actually having to leave your residence. 

Once you have installed a pool house, you need to measure your available space and figure out your budget. After that, let your creative juices flow to help you decide on the best possible pool house additions. Once the selection has been made, you are ready to get started!