How to Design a Luxurious Pool House

A swimming pool
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Are you searching for tips to design a luxurious pool house? If you answer yes, it means you’ve made the decision to incorporate a pool house that will add aesthetic, functional and monetary value to your home.

A pool house is a smart way to utilize your outdoor space. It is a multifaceted addition to a property, customized according to your needs. While some people might keep it simple, you can be as extravagant as you’d like and make a full-fledged guest house with light fixtures, furniture as well as a mini kitchen.

Let’s check out some tips to design a luxurious pool house without further ado.

Go For a Double-Story Structure

Do you have a lack of space? Not a problem. You can always build a double-story structure. With a two-story pool house, you can accommodate more people and offer more guest house amenities. You can also add a roof deck that is great for enjoying sunny days and evening gatherings.

Indoor-Outdoor Connecting Space

The biggest nuisance in an outdoor gathering is when guests have to run inside whenever they need a drink or something to eat. You can prevent the hassle by designing it in a way that the living room opens into the back patio. The room must have a mini-bar, refrigerator, and snack table. You can also add cabinets and cupboards for dishes. Make sure the couches have cushions just in case someone wants to rest on one of the loungers.

Add It to Your Landscaping

If you don’t want your pool house to overlap the indoor space, blend it into your landscaping. The width of the pool house should match the outdoor pool. The goal here is to highlight the pool’s surroundings. You can also add timber structures to the sides of the pool. Moreover, you can add some climbing plants to these structures, adding to the visual appeal. Plant some sweet-smelling perennials so each summer breeze is extra special.

Keep It Rustic

Living at a farm is great, but you can create something fascinatingly rustic if you play your cards right within your outdoor space. While building a barn-like exterior might not match your home’s architecture, you can still use fixtures and décor to include rustic elements. You can make shiplap walls with square shed windows for more athenticity. For chilly evenings, a little concrete fireplace would do just fine.  

Add an Outdoor Shower

It is better to shower before taking a plunge in the pool. Therefore, you can consider adding outdoor showers in your pool house. Keep the flooring of the shower ceramic, while the walls could be glass or rock, which depends on the theme of your pool house. The plumbing should be flawless, and the drainage should be functional at all times. Make sure to keep the showers clean to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Use a Retractable Glass Separator

A retractable glass separator can come in handy to divide your indoor and outdoor space. There might be instances where you’ll need more space to accommodate all your party guests. A retractable glass separator allows you and your guests to access the kitchen or the bathroom when they need it without taking a longer route. Furthermore, it can be left open during the summers to let the breeze in.

Add Some Beachy Vibes

If you want to make it more exciting, you can always add hints of nautical décor in your pool house. You can add wicker furniture,  striped upholstery, and shutters while keeping blues and whites the main colors across your pool house. Not only does it make your pool house more visually appealing, but it will also help you cut costs. You can splurge the money you save on electricity and plumbing.

Install an Outdoor Oven or a Grill

In the mood dine alfresco in your pool house? An outdoor wood-fired oven can surely come in handy. These timber-clad structures are simple to build and don’t require a hefty investment, and they can add a focal point in your pool house. With an outdoor oven, you can treat your friends and loved ones to some delicious campfire delights like pizzas and s’mores.

You can also opt for a grill. A concrete grill adds extra flavor to your dinners and aesthetic appeal to your pool house. A grill by the pool can be used for live barbecues, giving your pool house a cozier yet luxurious feel. Whether you want a charcoal or a gas grill is up to you. While a gas grill is fast, versatile, and portable, it comes with added gas costs. Charcoal takes time to ignite, but it adds a smoky flavor to your meat.

Include a Gazebo

After a swim and day under the sun, sitting in a relaxing environment where you can have a drink, read a book, or nap for a bit can be heavenly. If you want it all, you can add a gazebo to your pool house. A gazebo doesn’t acquire too much space, and it is also easier on your wallet. With crawling vines and the right paint color, it can blend in perfectly with the rest of the pool house. Don’t forget to add chairs and a coffee table under the gazebo.

Work on the Entrance

Invest in your pool house’s entrance, the same way you would do to the entrance of your living space. If you don’t have ideas already, you can begin by adding large planters, as they would give a serene feel to the entrance. For night gatherings, the entrance must have sconces to light up the way. The pavement can be concrete, with small rocks to give it a more polished feel.

The Final Word

We hope our tips for designing a luxurious pool house were of help. You can be as creative as you want with a pool house. However, you need to factor in a few things while designing your pool house. The most important thing is the budget. Next comes the size of your outdoor space. Another thing worth considering is the availability of electricity and gas, and lastly the drainage and plumbing. Once you have these things checked off, you can start designing the luxurious pool house of your dreams.