How to Decorate a Nursery

Decoration ideas for nursing
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Decorating a nursery can be a tricky business. You have to make sure that everything you need, such as diapers, wipes, a laundry hamper, a poop bucket, a pacifier, burp cloths, are next to the changing table. The last thing you want to do is risk the baby rolling off because you need to get something clean to tuck under their butt after they do their business. Along with being functional, a nursery has to look nice, too, so how do you achieve this balance?

How to Decorate a Nursery

The following are some ways to decorate a nursery for your little one:

1. Keep Things Simple

Misplaced chairs, playmats, toys, and books, can be extremely dangerous when you are moving a baby back and forth in the middle of the night. Make sure you have a lot of functional storage space so that you don’t have to leave things scattered around the floor. Decorate the nursery with washable wallpaper. You will thank us later!

2. Set up a Mood Board

Your nursery theme will come to life in a visual form if you build a mood board based on your ideas and must-haves. You can use the project board to make a collage by cutting and pasting images together. Do what works best for you.

3. Go for a Dark Theme

Keep your baby’s nursery at nighttime-like conditions at all times. There should be enough weight in the curtains or shades to make it appear as if the room is completely dark when it’s time for a nap. Remember that newborn babies are not dummies. They can distinguish between day and night. If you keep the room dark, it will make it easier to put them to sleep.

Moreover, in most cases, little ones think bright light indicates activity time, and they need to have fun. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a corner dedicated to their activities. Decorate it accordingly with nightlights and other eye-catching options.

4. Enact Their Favorite Story

Decorate the nursery according to the story your little ones are fond of. Or, if they are too young to show any interest, decide a theme for yourself – something that you want your kid to be interested in. For instance, if you are into traveling, you can find map wall decor for their cot, as well as some gorgeous baby animal photos to go with it.

5. Select a Center of Interest

You might start with a white canvas and paint the nursery of your dreams. Like a good painting, a good design must have a focal point, which serves as both the anchor and the design topic. Decide on a focal point and then brainstorm ways to make it a real draw.

6. Paint the Nursery

Color selection is one thing; however, deciding on a single, distinct hue is a completely different thing. It requires some thought because your baby will get accustomed to it once you have finalized a color. Light pastel colors are all the rage these days. They induce a soothing vibe, putting your kid in a calm mood almost instantly.

Try selecting prints and textiles with a strong visual impact if you want something different.

You should always choose soft furnishings before purchasing paint for your home. If you have your eye on a specific color, mixing paint colors with textiles is a lot less difficult. However, getting from A to B in the stores is exhausting. Limiting your options will make things more difficult for you.

A wallpapered accent wall might be on your to-do list. Similar principles apply. Paint to match the print you have chosen.

7. Invest in the Essentials

Are you all set to go shopping? Start with large furniture such as the crib and a rocking chair. Your nursery will look much more appealing if you purchase the furniture first. After everything is set up, you will know exactly how much room you have and what else you will need. To help you make those crucial decorating decisions like where to place the focus and which bedding to purchase, laying out the bones is a good place to start.

You don’t have to match the furniture in the nursery. Space is more intriguing when it is furnished with a variety of items that have been carefully harmonized.

8. Decorate

It’s time to put your ideas into action! Clear the room and cover the furnishings. You can get the desired paper and paint. A good grade, VOC-free paint should be used, and appropriate ventilation must be provided. As long as feasible, let the area air out completely before beginning the cleaning process.

You don’t need a lot of cute baby gear to decorate a room. As long as you use it properly, you are good to go. Instead of filling every square inch of your home with materialistic attractions, focus your efforts on a few crucial spots.

Using a lot of accessories in a small area draws the eye and directs it to where you want it. Build out from your central focal point, generating various smaller focal points across the area. In between, provide some space for your little ones.

Consider a rug as an additional layer of protection. Adding an area rug to your nursery is a great way to add color and pattern to the room, even if you already have wall-to-wall carpeting.

9. Create the Appropriate Amount of Storage Space

When it comes to kids, you can never have too much storage. With the arrival of your new bundle of joy comes an onslaught of baby gear that takes up more space than you would have anticipated. First, focus on the fundamentals, then move on to bigger things.

Final Word

Setting up a nursery can be challenging if you decide to decorate every inch of it. Keep it minimal and classy. Don’t crowd the area. It will be beneficial both for you and your little one.