How to Choose the Right Living Room Furniture?

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The living room is the most significant space in your home. It’s where you spend most of your free time relaxing and watching TV. It’s also the first room that your guests encounter as they enter your home. Not to mention, some of you may be spending a lot more time here as you are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. So your living room is doing some great work, so why not furnish it accordingly?

But the key question remains: how do you choose the right living room furniture that looks appealing, fits your budget, and will serve you for years? If you are looking for the best living room furniture for your home, we cover it all in this post. Here, we look at how to plan and choose the right furniture for your living room space.

Plan Your Living Area

Perhaps the most critical aspect of choosing living room furniture is to create a plan. It’s best to start with a floor plan on paper so you can identify all the possible ways of fitting in the furniture. With a floor plan, you can efficiently utilize your space and avoid clutter.

Before choosing your living room furniture, make sure you measure your space appropriately so you don’t order pieces of furniture that won’t fit into your living room. Some of the things that will help you plan your living area accordingly include:

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Think of How You Intend to Use Your Living Room

As you plan to choose living room furniture, start by thinking of how you intend to use your living room. Many people may use their living room occasionally while others spend a lot of time in their living rooms every day. If you are using your living room occasionally, then you can choose your furniture accordingly. But if you intend to use it as a family space every day, you will need sturdy and stain-resistant pieces of furniture, especially if you have young kids around.

Depending on how you intend to use your living room, you can also choose the color of your living room’s furniture.

Taking Measurements

Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your room. When doing so, don’t forget to measure your doorways and the space you want to keep open and clutter-free once you have the furniture in the room.

Imagine How the Furniture Will Look Like in your Living Room

With the dimensions and the type of furniture in mind, you can imagine the final look of your living room. Remember, furniture that is rectangular or boxier occupies less space as compared to rounded furniture.

Choosing Best Living Room Furniture for Your Home

Now that you have planned out the furniture placement in your living room and measured the dimensions, it’s time to select your furniture. That’s the best part of choosing the right living room furniture. To ensure that you end up with the pieces of furniture best for your living room, you can go about the following process.

Start with the Basics

What type of furniture do you need for your living room? Do you want to go for a sofa along with a coffee table and side tables? Or are you looking for more casual couches, an armchair, and a few bean bags? Think of the basic pieces of furniture before you add some extra pieces such as lamps and rugs.

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Go for Durable Materials

The best living room furniture for your home is the one that’s durable and sturdy. After all, furniture is a long-term investment, and to avoid the expense of replacing your living room furniture once every few years; it’s best to go for durable materials. Let’s look at some of the materials that are commonly used for living room furniture.


The hot-pressed composite is made from waste wood-based materials bound with formaldehyde resin and then painted or veneered. Particleboard is relatively inexpensive and is less durable than solid wood. Moreover, it’s not an environmentally friendly choice, given its formaldehyde content.


MDF, medium-density fiberboard, is a wood-based composite material and is denser than particleboard. However, just like particleboard, it is not an environmentally-friendly material given its formaldehyde content. MDF may be slightly more durable and more expensive than particleboard but eventually breaks down over time.

Solid Wood

If you are looking for the best living room furniture for your home, nothing beats the quality and appeal of solid wood furniture. Attractive living room furniture is made from solid wood and makes a great investment that can serve you for years. However, your solid wood furniture needs regular maintenance to keep up its look.

Look for Stain Resistant, High-Quality Fabric

A key consideration when choosing living room furniture is the quality of fabric you choose for your furniture. Go for stain-resistant, high-quality fabric that adds to your comfort, is durable, and fits in well in your budget. For living room furniture that’s casually used, it’s best to go for darker shades and stain-resistant fabrics. When you have younger kids at home, you should have similar considerations as mess and spills are an everyday concern.

Coordinate Different Pieces of Furniture

Once you have decided on the pieces of furniture you need, their material and fabric, next, you need to coordinate different pieces of furniture, so your living space gives a cozy and comfortable appeal to your family.

Final Words

When choosing the right living furniture, it is important to spend enough time to select the right type of furniture, given your space limitations. With your space in mind, go for living room furniture that’s made from top-quality material, so it looks good and has served you for years.