How High Should a Towel Bar Be?

How High Should a Towel Bar Be
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When remodeling a bathroom, there are many details that must be put into consideration. Factors like things that you will install, the materials you’ll use, and even how high should a towel bar be must be carefully analyzed.

Depending on the circumstances, there are various heights acceptable when it comes to installing a towel bar. While you can actually do it however way you want, the last thing you should do is to install the towel bar at a height in which the towel drags on the floor when hung.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want it too high as well, because, obviously, you will always want to cater to every family member. This article will tackle the different recommended towel bar heights depending on the household situation.

Types of Towel Bar

Towel bars are not the only fixture in the bathroom that can be used to hang towels. There are other types, such as towel rings, hooks, and racks, which are usually installed at the same height as the towel bars.

Towel bars are usually made of metal, but you can also find ones that are made of wood or plastic. However, metal towel bars are the best option as they are the most durable.

Towel bars come in many different designs. Some have a modern appeal while others offer a traditional or old-fashioned style. In addition, finishes and colors vary and you have a lot of options that will go well with your bathroom interior.

Installing a Towel Bar

Depending on the material of the towel bar and the wall, there are varying ways on how to install a towel bar. Most bathroom walls are made with drywall or ceramic tiles. Mounting a towel bar on either wall type needs maximum care, or you risk ruining not only the fixture but the wall as well.

In most cases, you will need a power drill and the right drill bit. Of course, drill bits for drywall is different from a drill bit that is used for ceramic tile walls, so be careful with what you use.

On Drywall

Keep in mind that drywall is a flimsy material that tends to break apart when applied with too much pressure. Therefore, when installing a towel bar on drywall, simply attaching it with screws is not enough.

It is advisable to locate the wall studs first and position the screws between the wall studs. This will ensure that the towel bar won’t fall off.

On a Ceramic Tile Wall

On the other hand, when installing a towel bar on a ceramic wall, securing it with brackets in addition to the mounting screws guarantees durability and stability.

Be careful when drilling holes for the installation and make sure you are not hitting any in-wall cable or pipes. It is also advised to spray the ceramic tiles with water first before drilling to prevent cracks or to keep the tiles from shattering.

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How High Should a Towel Bar Be

When installing a towel bar, you would want to make sure that it is positioned at a height in which the users will find convenient. Safety is another factor to consider, as well as its location in general. Will the door bump into it when opened? Will it be an obstacle in the bathroom?

There are many factors that will affect how high you want your towel fixtures to be. Will the bathroom serve every member of your household, or is it exclusive for a family member with special needs? Do you have kids? Do you have to work around their height or age when it comes to towel bar installation?

Here are a number of ideas on how high you should mount your towel bar depending on the circumstances:

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Standard Height

In most cases, a towel bar must be 48 inches from the floor up. Considering industry standards, the center of the bar must sit no less than 48 inches above the floor because this is the perfect reaching height for an average-sized person.

Moreover, when hung on the towel bar and folded in half width-wise, bath towels will not touch the floor at this height.

For Persons With Limited Mobility

When it comes to people with a disability or have limited mobility, The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends mounting the towel bar at a lower height.

Depending on the disability, you may install the towel bar at 44 inches above the floor or even a little lower. Within this height, a person with disability will be able to retrieve the towel from the bar even while on a wheelchair.

Nevertheless, you may consider that person’s personal preference and what is more comfortable and convenient for him.

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Within a Child’s Reach

If you have a bathroom that is exclusively for children, or if you are sharing a bathroom with them, it is ideal to install towel bars with the following heights:

  • Not more than 36 inches from the floor up for kids aged three to four years
  • Not more than 40 inches above the floor for kids aged five to eight years
  • Not more than 44 inches above the floor for kids nine to 12 years

With these heights, most kids can comfortably and safely retrieve and replace a towel without having the need to tiptoe.

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Towel Bar Positioning Tips

Here are a few smart tips on how you should position your towel bars:

  • When stacking more than one towel bar, give an additional two inches clearance to make sure the towels won’t hit the floor.
  • Allow a four-inch margin between switches or outlets and towel bars.
  • Avoid mounting a towel bar above a switch or outlet as moisture from wet towels can seep into these and may cause a short circuit.
  • Check first if there are existing internal pipes or electrical wiring at the mounting area before drilling to avoid accidents.

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Towel bars are a necessity for every bathroom. They are not only functional but can also add to the room’s style and aesthetic appeal.

Like any other bathroom fixture, you can get clueless when installing towel bars. You may wonder what to do or how high should a towel bar be. Nevertheless, your unfamiliarity with the installation process must not prevent you from adding this indispensable fixture to your bathroom.

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