Essential Tips for Designing the Best Guest Room

Guest room design ideas
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Having guests stay over is one of the best feelings ever. It’s fun when you have a group of friends under one roof, and everyone has a nice time together. However, when all is said and done, and people are tired, you just want a nice and comfy place to sleep.

Having the best guest room at home is an important aspect of hosting people. You don’t want them to feel like they just booked a night at a cheap and rundown motel, nor should they take the uncomfortable lounge sofa with no sheets or pillows. So, what can you do? In this article, we will give you some much-needed tips for designing the best guest room, so keep on reading!

Choose a Theme

When it comes to guest room design ideas, it’s always best to stick to a particular theme and work around it. You can have fun and play around with several themes before deciding on one. Common ideas include rustic, minimalistic, neutral, and dark themes.

No matter what theme you choose, it is essential that your curtains, bedding, pillows and other bedroom paraphernalia closely match it as well. Themes allow guest rooms to have an organized and balanced look instead of resembling a mismatched amalgamation of random things thrown together.

Make It Peaceful

What is one thing that every guest room should have? Suppose you find yourself lying on a bed in someone’s home; what feeling would you want the most? A peaceful vibe is important when you’re looking for guest room design ideas. You want to make your guest as comfortable as possible.

Therefore, consider using dark tones for the guest room walls. Darker colors, such as navy blue, charcoal, and black, can help set the mood for relaxation so that the guest can fall asleep quickly. A good night’s sleep is what you will need to recharge for the next day’s activities.


Since we’re suggesting tips for designing the best guest room, adding furniture is a no-brainer. Sometimes, rooms might not have a lot of space, but even then, a small bedside table can go a long way.

Moving on, if you do have space, consider adding a small desk or bench to allow the guests more freedom to use their room. You can kill two birds with one stone by using furniture to elevate a room’s look and provide space for activities other than sleeping. Guest rooms can start to feel like prison cells if they’re just limited to being places for sleeping. You want your guests to have a nice and wholesome experience.

Comfy Bedding

As we’ve discussed, the best guest room designs aren’t just about aesthetics but also comfort. Adding fine linen bedding or comfy organic sheets can create a cozy space for the guest. You can even add a bunch of throw pillows or toss a high-quality comforter over the blankets. Remember to provide towels as well, and always go by feel. Whatever feels comfortable to touch and lie on, buy that.

Additionally, provide more than what is needed since it can be awkward asking the host for extra sheets or pillows!


Cabinets are essential for managing bedroom space, and they provide space for your guests to store whatever they’ve brought with them. You don’t want the room to be cluttered for the guest because of their luggage or even extra bedding.

Suppose you want to provide your guests with extra sheets, blankets, and towels. You can neatly place them in an easily accessible cabinet. That way, you avoid clutter and give the room a tidy look. Guests will also appreciate the extra space and you going the extra mile for them!

Utilizing Wall Space

You can efficiently utilize guest room space by using the walls. Adding things to the guest room can soon start to make it congested. To avoid that and still add a few things, why not use the wall space?

i. Hanging Lamps

Installing hanging lights can give your room a very spacious and beautiful look. It can surprise guests since they won’t be expecting a chandelier or pendant luminaires in the middle of the room. Following a more rustic theme for the guest room, hanging lamps would add to the ambiance.

ii. Paintings

Paintings are a nice addition to give more life to the walls. Even with a minimalistic theme, adding one or two paintings can help lift up the room’s atmosphere.

Moreover, with paintings, you can avoid putting picture frames on desks and tables to create more space in the room.

iii. Wallpapers

Wallpapers can act sometimes act as an accent and break the general color of a room. The benefit of using wallpapers, though, is that you can get ones that have simple patterns. Of course, they do have to follow a room’s theme, but except for that, you can use them to break the color as well.

Using wallpapers with simple prints like snowflakes, bricks, or fractal patterns can make the room look more appealing and are nice to look at when you’re trying to sleep.

Cleanliness and Upgrading

Keeping the room nice and tidy every day is crucial. You want your room to always be ready for unexpected guests, so ensuring that it is clean should be your top priority.

Similarly, upgrading your room throughout the year makes it look lively instead of stale and old. For instance, you could hang a garland outside the door for Christmas, or you can replace the drapes with darker colored ones on Halloween.

To recap, tips for designing the best guest room mainly revolve around sticking to a theme, avoiding clutter and room congestion, and making the guest feel as comfortable as possible. There can be other guest room design ideas as well, but these are the important ones that you should try and follow. We hope this article helps you in designing the best guest room!