Design Tips for a Custom At-Home Spa Room

At-home spa room design
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Who would want to pass on a calming experience to rejuvenate their mind and body without leaving their home? No one, we are sure.

An at-home spa room allows you to have a personal space to make your me-time more relaxing. You can soak in a tub, stand under the shower, take in the benefits of aromatherapy, etc. in the comfort of your own home – even when it’s the middle of the night.

You can convert your bathroom or any other spare room into your very own at-home spa retreat. The at-home spa can be personalized according to your taste and carry all the products you love. A home spa would prove to be a much better alternative to a commercial salon that require you to drive for hours and spend hundreds of dollars.

You need some creative ideas and handy tips to convert a room into an at-home spa.

To learn about the five design tips to create the at-home spa room of your dreams, keep reading below.

1. Follow a Theme

If you are transforming a room into an at-home spa, you would have to start from the very beginning. When buying the paint, towels, rugs, and other accessories, try to visualize your ideal theme in your mind.

If your personal choice resonates with a soft, light-colored theme, buy the paint and other spa products in a pastel color palette. You can go for soft pinks, peaches, light blues and gentle lavender colors. Keep the cabinet and wooden shelves light, preferably an oak wood color.

If you can move the tub, place it in front of the window so it gets plenty of natural light. Add thin, white drapes to create a light and airy ambiance.

If your personality is luxurious and chic, then choose deeper and more elegant color tones. Choose a chocolate brown or mahogany-colored wood for your shelves and cabinets. Get white towels, rugs and curtains, and if possible, get some pieces with different textures and a little bit of embroidery.

The tip here is to have an at-home spa with a well-developed aesthetic designed to please you.

2. Bathtub and Shower

Your at-home spa routine should start with a refreshing shower. The sound of the shower resembles the sounds of rain, which could be very therapeutic and relaxing. With hot water hitting your back and neck, the built-up muscle tension is bound to be released. A wide spacious shower cabin can feel both private and open simultaneously.

Once your body is clean, you can shift the rest of the at-home spa routine into your bathtub. Soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water can promote healing in your skin and help release muscle tension. The bathtub would allow you a quiet moment as you sit back, relax and enjoy a book, a movie, or sip on some wine. The soft splashing sounds of water would further help you remain distracted from your worries and allow you to destress.

If you can afford to, invest in a large stone bathtub rather than a ceramic one. Stone has the property to retain heat and maintain the water temperature.

3. Invest in Your Favorite At-Home Spa Products

An at-home spa routine is nothing without the right products. Unlike a commercial spa where you have to compromise with whatever is available, an at-home spa gives you the liberty to choose what goes on your skin.

To patch tests on your skin and invest in products that help heal and rejuvenate your body. Once your body starts feeling great, your mood and confidence will automatically be uplifted.

Invest in a wide range of products that suit your skin and have different purposes. For instance, if you want to plan an at-home spa date, take out your vanilla or cinnamon-flavored body products. When you want to relax and unwind on your own, soft fruity and flavored coconut products would be ideal.

Ensure you have enough towels, clean rugs, loofas, and bath stones. Also, invest in massaging tools you could use while soaking in the bathtub.

Also, buy your favorite bath salts as they offer great aromatherapy, create soothing sounds and benefit the skin in many ways.

The right bath products would properly target all your senses, making your at-home bath experience to become one to remember.

4. Organize and Decorate

A clean at-home spa space would allow you to feel fresher the second you walk in. Hence, ensure your space is clean and decluttered.

Invest in shelves and cabinets made to utilize your extra spa room space properly. These cabinets and shelves would allow you to organize your at-home spa products, towels, extra toilet papers, candles, etc.

Get a few spacious baskets that look beautiful and help organize your products. You can neatly arrange your scrubs in one basket, face masks, bath salts, stones, and massage tools in others. This arrangement would look aesthetically pleasing and allow you to find whichever product you want.

Place nice indoor plants around your at-home spa. Not only do they keep the air clean and fresh, but they also make your at-home spa visually pleasant.  Also, place your favorite scented candles around for aromatherapy.

5. Arrange Good Lighting

If your bathroom has a nice big window, make sure to keep the window drapes apart during the day. Nothing is more energizing and refreshing than warm sunlight. If your window is small and not much light comes through, you need to get good remote-controlled lighting.

The lighting of your environment can help create the mood you desire. For instance, if you wish to give yourself a pedicure, you need more light.

The tip here is to have remote-controlled access to the lights so you can control the brightness level without having to step out of the tub.

Final Thoughts

The perfect at-home spa room essentially needs good lighting, the right bathroom aesthetic and decorations, your favorite spa products, and a wide tub.

Once your at-home spa is carefully designed and includes the features mentioned above, chances are you might never go back to a commercial salon again.