Design Ideas for Windowless Bathrooms

Design ideas for windowless bathrooms
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Just like other spaces of your home, you should try to make the most of your bathroom, even if there’s no window. It isn’t uncommon to come across windowless bathrooms, and while the thought of a closed space might seem scary, your windowless bathroom doesn’t need to be dark and dreary. With a little bit of creativity, out-of-the-box ideas, and some practical thinking, you can uncover the potential benefits of a windowless bathroom, creating a relaxing space with great privacy.

If you’re wondering how to design your windowless bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some great tips, design ideas, and ways to open up a windowless bathroom to give it a more alluring appeal and relaxing feel.

Add More Lighting

The absence of natural light is what contributes to the dark and dreary environment of a windowless bathroom. Perhaps, the ideal solution to eliminate the dullness of the space is, of course, to incorporate adequate lighting. Lighting helps define and determine the look, feel, and mood of a space, so you can turn the appearance of your windowless bathroom around simply by finding the appropriate sources of lighting.

The bathroom countertop is a good place to start when changing the lighting of your space. Adding LED strips or other white spotlights on or around the mirror can liven up your space and make it more convenient for you to do your makeup or practice your skincare routine. For additional lighting, you should also consider adding lighting under the cabinets and wall sconces. Moreover, you can also fill up empty wall spaces with a decorative light fixture that not only adds more light to your bathroom but also creates a beautiful focal point.

Install a Bathroom Fan

Besides the lack of natural light, ventilation is another major concern homeowners have with their windowless bathrooms. Bathrooms are generally prone to moisture, and the lack of sources for moisture to escape end up causing the build-up of mold, mildew, and foul odors in your bathroom.

It can also be quite troublesome for your guests to comfortably use a windowless bathroom due to the lack of ventilation. However, you don’t have to worry! Blow your concerns away by installing a quality bathroom fan. This worthwhile investment can help regulate the moisture levels of your space, keeping them from causing any damage to your bathroom.

You can easily find a bathroom fan within $100. However, the more costly models can cost you up to $800.

Incorporate Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are an incredible designing tool that can help distribute light around to give the illusion of a bigger, more spacious area. While mirrors are generally a bathroom essential, it may be a good idea to include more than one mirror in your windowless bathroom.

The key to utilizing the potential of mirrors to the fullest is strategically placing them around strategically to reflect light around the room easily. Start by mounting the largest mirror over the sink or vanity. Make sure that this mirror is a few inches slimmer than what it’s hanging over.

Once you’re done with that, place one or two small mirrors across from where your light source is. Also, if your bathroom light is located in the middle of the bathroom or is hanging from the ceiling, you can get even more creative with your mirror spacing and placement.

Check out this article for mirror installation tips!

Avoid Clutter

Despite having adequate lighting and enough mirrors, your windowless bathroom may appear smaller and darker due to excessive clutter. When it comes to modern and space designs, embrace minimalism and follow the “less is more” route.

Keep things simple and avoid adding too many decorative elements to your bathroom. Also, the most important thing is to keep your bathroom countertop surface as de-cluttered as possible. You can liven things up by incorporating pops of color through fancy, colored soap dispensers, vanity accessories, and even colorful towels.

Set Up Plants

Adding natural elements, such as plants, to your windowless bathroom can give your space a soothing and calming touch. Whether small or big, plants have the potential to refresh a space and give it a spa-like look and feel. However, given the high-moisture, low-light environment of a bathroom, you will have to find a plant suitable for your space. Potted grass, spider plant, aloe vera, orchids, and bamboos are just a few of the many plants to put up in your windowless bathroom.

Opt for Light Paint Colors

The wall color of your bathroom can significantly impact its brightness, making it either dark and cave-like or open and airy. The darker your wall color, the smaller and more dreary your bathroom will look. Considering the absence of natural light and air, the best way to keep things light and breezy in a windowless bathroom is by opting for lighter paint hues.

Neutrals, such as beiges and off-whites, and pastels, such as baby blues, mints, or light greens, are excellent choices for bathrooms that lack a natural light source. If you want to incorporate a bright color, you can also opt for an accent wall.

Install a Skylight

If you’ve tried everything but still can’t shake the fearful feeling of using a windowless bathroom, consider adding a skylight. A skylight is an excellent option that helps you retain the privacy of your bathroom while contributing some much-needed natural light. In fact, in most cases, installing a skylight is much cheaper and less invasive than building a new window.

Although there are a number of options out there, a ventilating skylight is an ideal choice for a windowless bathroom. By letting in light, fresh air and eliminating moisture, this skylight can do your bathroom a lot of good. Generally, you can expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,500 to install a skylight, but a ventilating skylight can be a little pricey.

The Bottom Line

If you aren’t already in love with your windowless bathroom, you will soon be after incorporating these exciting and creative tips in your bathroom! There are so many things to do with a windowless bathroom, including incorporating extra lighting, adding more mirrors, or decorating with plants that can help create a bathroom where you can relax and enjoy.