Complete Guide for Setting up a Guest Room

Setting up a guest room
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A well-built and smartly designed home should be able to cater to all your needs. It should be a safe sanctuary for you and your family while being a welcoming abode for your guests.

To let your loved ones truly feel at home, you need to set up a properly designed guest room. The guest room should be comfortable and have all essentials of a comfortable room. You want to make sure there’s a comfortable bed, a place for them to put their clothes and toiletries, and enough blankets and towels.

Setting up a guest room could be easy if you have proper guidelines to follow. Continue reading below to find out the complete guidelines for setting up a guest room.

1. Selecting the Right Room

Some small houses only have one extra room that you can turn into a guest room. However, if your house allows you a choice room, selecting the right room is essential.

You want your guests to enjoy their stay while still having some privacy. Choose a spare room on another floor or another side of your home.

A room at a distance from yours would make your guests feel more comfortable yet not disconnected from you and your family.

Moreover, choose a room with wide windows to allow fresh air and daylight to brighten up the room. Furthermore, make sure the room has a connected bathroom for comfort and convenience. If your home doesn’t have a connected bathroom, then choose a room that’s near the guest bathroom.

2. Create a Calming Ambiance

You want your guests to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep so they can be more active and present during the day.

For this, focus on creating a restful and calming ambiance in your guest room. Paint the walls with light or pastel colors such as light blue or light yellow. These colors would make the room look more spacious while creating a breathable aura.

Moreover, cover your windows with light-colored drapes and put down a neutral-colored area rug.

3. Add Furniture

To allow your guests to have the essentials of a comfortable room, you’ll have to be careful with the furniture you use.

Set up a bed in the center of the room and put a comfortable couch in the corner. You can also add a small coffee table and cozy chairs if the room is big enough.

Make sure that the color of your furniture completments the aesthetic of your room. For instance, light-colored oak wood furniture would be perfect if the guest room walls are a soft cream color.

Moreover, add cozy lamps on the bedside tables and a thin modern bench at the foot of the bed. The bench is especially great if the room is small. It can double as a place they can sit to put on their shoes or keep their stuff on top of it.

Furthermore, some guests might need a work space if they are working from home or currently studying. For this, set up a small desk and chair in one corner of the room and keep a few basic stationery supplies. If you don’t have room for a study table, you can buy a portable laptop stand your guests can use on the bed.  

4. Lighting, Shelves, and Wardrobe

Living out of a suitcase, even for a couple of days, can be annoying, especially if you’re bringing outfits you need to hang. Choose a room that has a built-in wardrobe and storage space. Make sure you leave them a few hangers in there.

If the room doesn’t have a closet, invest in cabinets and shelves. This way, your guests won’t have to keep their stuff in their suitcases. The storage and cabinet space will also allow you to store extra blankets, bedsheets, and other items. In case they need an extra blanket or towel, they won’t need to ask you.

In addition to storage, proper lighting is essential for a well-lit and bright guest room that feels warm and welcoming. Invest in corner lamps and beautiful ceiling lightboxes. If possible, have remote-controlled lighting to add to your guest’s convenience and experience.

5. Decorate and Stock Your Bathroom

No guest would feel entirely comfortable if they hesitate or wait for their bathroom turns. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add an en suite bathroom. Either way, the idea is to maximize the comfort and convenience of your guests.

If your bathroom lacks built-in storage , invest in shelves and cabinets to stock them up with needed toiletries and bathroom essentials like toothbrushes, floss and picks, toothpaste, toilet paper, extra towels, etc. To enhance the experience, add some home spa items to the bathroom. These could include calming scrubs, essential oils, bath salts, and new loofas.

You can decorate the bathroom by placing beautiful cane baskets, candles, and indoor plants on the shelves. Don’t forget to add a room freshener!

6. Decorate the Guest Room

Once your guest room has all its essential components set up, you can begin decorating. Remember not to overdo it, as that would affect the calming aura and make the room congested and cluttered.

The best way to go about this is by adding one large or a few smaller art pieces above the bed frame and a large mirror above a chest of drawers. Put up candles on the shelves, and place indoor plant pots in the corner of your room. Add cushions and seat covers that match the room’s aesthetic.

To enhance your guest’s experience even more, you can add some electrical appliances. These could include a mini-fridge, a small coffee machine, a television, and a WIFI booster. If your guest room doesn’t have multiple electricity outlets, provide an extension so your guests can charge their phones and any other devices they brought with them.

Moreover, get into your festive holiday spirit to take your decorations up a notch. For instance, if your guests are coming over for the Christmas holidays, decorate the room with Christmas stalkings, green or red bedsheets, and a small Christmas tree.

Get Started!

Having guests over could be a memorable experience for both your guests and you. All it takes is a cozy guest room that allows your guests privacy and homely comfort for relaxing and reenergizing. Just pick the perfect room, stick to a theme and decorate wisely.