Best Shower Caddy for An Organized Bathroom

Best Shower Caddy for An Organized Bathroom
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Whether you admit or not, each of us has our own set of bathroom essentials that we want to keep within reach yet well-organized at the same time. How can this be achieved? By having the best shower caddy, of course!

Shower caddies are a smart storage solution to add in a bathroom without having to sacrifice its aesthetic value. They work best for compact bathrooms but also bring a unique yet functional addition to large bathrooms.

Since there are different types of shower caddies for different needs, finding one that best fit your needs is often challenging. Lucky for you, you can rely on us to help you out!

Comparison Chart

InterDesign York Metal Wire Hanging Shower Caddy, Extra Wide Space for Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap with Hooks for Razors, Towels, and More 10″ x 4″ x 22″ Bronze


iPEGTOP Suction Cups Shower Caddy Bath Shelf Organizer, Combo Storage Basket Rustproof Stainless Steel for Shampoo Conditioner Bathroom Accessories – 2 Pack


Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy – 3 Shelf Shower Organizer Caddie with Movab.


​Best Shower Caddy Reviews: Our Top Three Picks

To make it simple for our readers, we have decided to review one best shower caddy from the three different types it comes in. This includes overhead hanging shower caddies, suction cups caddies, and shower caddies as independent stands.

1. ​InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy

The first one on our list is from the most popular type of shower caddy, the overhead hanging shower caddy from InterDesign, Inc. This company is a U.S.-based manufacturer and exporter of bathroom, kitchen, and home accessories and appliances. It is a well-known global brand that exports products to more than 100 countries.

Among their proud creations is the InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy. This easy-to-use metal shower caddy can be placed over the showerhead without any hassle.

This shower caddy is equipped with two large size racks—one act as a basket and the other as a low-depth shelf. The first one at the top offers more depth compared to the second one at the bottom.

You can place taller stuff like shampoo bottles in the top basket while shorter stuff like soap in the bottom basket. The bottom of each rack is made of metal wires that allow water to pass through quickly.

Other than the shelves, the bottom of the caddy also includes multiple hooks to hang brushes, razors, and other similar stuff. Its overall size is 10 by 4 by 22 inches, while the shower hanger offers enough width to fit any shower head. This caddy weighs less than two pounds.​

What’s to like about the ​InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy

​It features two strong suction cups at the lower end that keeps it attached to the wall. The design is very simple and minimalist but practical at the same time. It comes in a rust-resistant bronze finish.

What’s not to like about the ​InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy

​This shower caddy is unfortunately cannot be placed on the floor and some people find it a little small to hold their stuff.


  • check​Attractive, durable, and long lasting
  • check​Easy to install and remove
  • check​More than enough storage capacity
  • check​You can easily place one-liter shampoo bottles
  • check​Remains static and does not slip
  • check​Does not accumulate water
  • check​Can also be hung behind the door
  • check​Lightweight


  • ​Cannot be placed on the floor
  • ​Some people may find this one a little compact to hold all of their stuff


2. ​iPEGTOP Suction Cups Shower Caddy

Well, you can call this one a compact storage basket or a shower caddy, it is up to you. The independent storage baskets available in a set of two come with suction cups and no handles. This provides you the freedom to install them anywhere you want and at any distance from each other.

iPEGTOP also guarantees that it can never rust, even when it is made of steel. Even though it doesn’t come with any handle, the suction cups have enough strength to hold up to eight kilograms of weight.

In addition, it also features multiple hooks that allow you to hang some of your stuff like razors, combs, etc. You can also remove it easily and place it anywhere else, which makes it extremely handy. The dimensions of each basket are 38 by 14 by 6 centimeters, and each weighs around one pound.​

What’s to like about the ​iPEGTOP Suction Cups Shower Caddy

​The baskets are made of rust-proof and durable food-grade steel. The suction pumps are made of ABS plastic and high-quality rubber. The overall design is rectangular with steel wires used as a bottom. The shower caddy is available in a chrome finish that makes it look attractive in any bathroom.

What’s not to like about the ​iPEGTOP Suction Cups Shower Caddy

​This shower caddy is not built for heavy stuff, especially if it reaches more than 8 kilos.


  • check​Multi-purpose baskets
  • check​Can be used as a storage unit in the bathroom or kitchen
  • check​Adds aesthetic value and functionality to the room
  • check​Extremely portable
  • check​100% guarantee in case it rusts


  • ​Can’t hold more than eight kilos of weight
  • ​Not for too heavy stuff


3. ​Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand

Last on our list is a multi-purpose shower caddy that acts as an independent stand. This one comes from Tenby Living, a relatively new brand that is known to create home items perfect for those who need more storage solutions.

Made of plastic, the caddy is durable, rust-free, and mold-resistant. Each shelf also has multiple holes that allow water to drain easily. It comes with wide and adjustable feet that keep it very stable if placed in the corner.

In addition to the extra height between each shelf, it also features a soap dish to keep soap separate from other stuff. You can also alter the height between shelves by adding or removing spacers. The caddy allows you to remove one shelf to make it a two-shelf caddy.

The dimensions are 11.3 by 11 by 5.8 inches, which means it is enough to place all your bathroom items in one place. Even when it is comparatively large, it weighs only 1.36 pounds.​

What’s to like about the ​Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand

​The Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand can easily accommodate heavy items that are often not possible with caddies with suction cups. Available in color white, this one comes with three shelves and sits perfectly at the corner of your bathroom, kitchen, and even your room.

What’s not to like about the ​Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand

​Compared to other shower caddies in the market, this one is not aesthetically designed.


  • check​Lightweight and easy to carry
  • check​Very easy to assemble without any tool
  • check​Takes only a couple of minutes to set up
  • check​Sturdy and durable built for a plastic caddy
  • check​Mold- and rust-resistant material


  • ​Not as aesthetic as some other shower caddies



At the end of the day, choosing which one is the best all depends on the type of shower caddy you need. All three are some of the best options in the market but with completely different styles and uses.

If you want to hang the caddy above the shower head, the InterDesign York Lyra is the best option. If you want a compact caddy with suction cups to place anywhere you want, the iPEGTOP shower caddy is excellent.

Lastly, if you want to place the caddy at the corner on the floor, Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy makes the best fit. It is also good if you have a lot of heavy stuff to place on the caddy. In the end, you can choose the one that better fits your needs.

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13 thoughts on “Best Shower Caddy for An Organized Bathroom”

  1. I don’t have many toiletries when bathing, at most I only use a cleanser, shower gel, and shampoo so the Interdesign York definitely looks just right for me! I noticed that we only need to hang it on the shower head, right? Is there like a locking mechanism to hold in place so that it doesn’t move?

  2. Hello, I just moved and this post, along with the page itself, is great for me. I loved the accessories for the bathroom, I have one similar to the third and it is not that I like it so much, I think the second option would be ideal since it would be by the wall and I can place them in the place that I want. 8 kilograms is more than enough for the things I need to use, would it be 8 kilograms for each one? or 4 kilograms each?

  3. I love the first shower caddy that you show, as it is very elegant with a place for everything as well as hooks to hang things on. However I bought a similar looking one and drilled holes in my tiles to put it in. A few months later it started to rust and now looks terrible. I like that you can hang that one over the shower head.

    Maybe I should rather look at getting a plastic one like the one a little further down on your page, as at least it definitely won’t rust.

  4. Advance My House

    Hey Riaz.  Yes, you are correct.  The Interdesign York is designed to be hung on your bathroom shower head.

    It also fits securely in place once fitted with the suction cups.

    Do let us know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Advance My House

    Hi Paola,

    I see that you are referring to the suction shower caddy from iPEGTOP.

    It’s certainly a good option based on what you have shared.

    The 8 kilograms of weight refers to one unit only.

    Thanks for your questions and I hope this helps.

  6. Advance My House

    Hi Michel,

    The shower caddy from InterDesign is indeed a high quality product.  Since it has a rust-resistant bronze finish, you won’t have to worry about it getting rusted.

    On the other hand, if you do choose to switch to the Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand, it will still be a smart choice.

  7. A great comprehensive overview of the different shower caddies. I can attest to the functionality of mine, I use the York Lyra though a few times the suction cup (just one) does not want to suction no matter what I do.  Do you have a remedy for that? Overall I am very pleased with mine.  It keeps everything within easy reach and cuts down on the clutter.

  8. Ooo I do love bathroom organization. I am a stay at home mom and usually my showers involve my baby in the shower with me. I did have a shower caddy that went in the corner of my shower and was held in place by a long rod and my son managed to yank it down.  Trust me, I remember to bring toys in the bathtub with us but if it is within arms reach of my son, he will have to inspect it. Now I have to keep all my shower stuff in a bucket outside of the shower and its really not practical when it comes down to having to reach outside the shower to get what I need without my son getting his little hands on it. 

    The shower caddy I like best and most likely will purchase is the one that you hang around the shower head itself. Its the most practical one for me in that my son won’t be able to reach any of the soap, shaver, etc items and I will have them right in front of my face to pick and choose from. Thank you!

  9. I really like the first one, that hangs on the shower head.  It is cool that it has a little area for your razor.

    Although I really like the look of the InterDesign York Lyra Shower Caddy, I would probably go with the last one on the list.  The Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy Stand, looks good and is able to hold more items.  

  10. Advance My House

    Thank you for sharing your experience and views Sophia.  I can see that you are quite a detailed and organized mom.

    The  Over-The-Door Shower Caddy from InterDesign will be an ideal choice, especially since your son won’t be able to reach your personal things 🙂

  11. Advance My House

    Hi Cathy,

    Thank you for your comment.

    As it relates to the suction on your shower caddy, I would recommend that you  wash them really well and let them air dry before using again. Other users have done this method and it worked for them.

    If that doesn’t work for you, the next best thing to do is to get it replaced.

  12. Thanks for giving me all these great ideas! My favourite are the suction cup ones. Caddy stands take up floor space, which is very limited in my tiny shower area. My shower head is a removable one, so I’m not sure how the first design would be able to fit onto it. That’s why I think the suction ones would work best, for my case. Going to check it out!

  13. Advance My House

    Hi Joo,

    Thanks for stopping by and it’s a pleasure to help you out.

    The Suction Cups Shower Caddy from iPEGTOP sounds like the best option for you.

    I hope you like it!

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