Best Nursery Set up Ideas for Twins

Best nursery set up ideas for twins
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When you are pregnant, there are so many things to consider. There are even more considerations to make with twins, including creating a nursery set up for twins. After all, a nursery is a special place where you and your family will make many happy memories together. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and apprehensive about arranging a nursery. However, you don’t need to worry, as this article will provide the best nursery setup ideas for twins.

Best Nursery Set up Ideas for Twins

Setting up a nursery for twins can get overwhelming, but using these techniques, you can have fun while creating your baby’s nursery and end up with a functional and beautiful space.

1. Figure out the Layout

Use a tape measure to note the dimensions of the area. Plan it out on paper, noting the locations of doors, windows, heaters, and other fixed furniture pieces you will be using.

Next, make a list of everything you will need to make the nursery work. Diapering, sleeping, and feeding are the three primary functions of the nursery. So, plan accordingly. Don’t forget that you will also need storage space too.

Once you have completed the layout of the nursery floor plan and identified all of the openings and permanent furnishings, the first half of your job is done! Using a room sketch, cut out 2-D copies of the nursery furniture you’d like to incorporate into your baby’s room and move them around to see what works best for you.

2. Select a Design

When designing your twins’ nursery, make sure it reflects your personality, something that brings you joy. It would be a great help in decorating if you selected a design before moving forward. But the question is, how do you decide on the design of your child’s nursery?

Take a look around your house and see what you enjoy. Find some inspiration from your favorite corner of the house. If you are still not sure, peruse any one of the nursery decor ideas mentioned below:

· Modern Nursery

Simple color schemes and clean lines characterize a modern nursery.

· Minimalist Nursery

A minimalist nursery is all about keeping things simple. Clean lines and simple furnishings give it a neutral backdrop.

· Mid-Century Modern Style Nursery

A mid-century modern style nursery is reminiscent of the styles of the 1950s and 1960s. If you want to incorporate this design, you can use natural and organic materials, simple shapes, and furnishings.

· Scandinavian Nursery

Scandinavian nursery designs use simple patterns, light color palettes, and a feeling of lightness.

· Classic Nursery

In a classic nursery, you will find the perfect balance of elegance and comfort – something that suits you well for a newly born.

· Coastal Nursery

In a coastal nursery, light hues, such as blue and green, evoke a sense of the ocean.

· Bohemian Nursery

Natural materials, exotic findings, jewel tones, and global decor are the landmark of a bohemian nursery.

· Rustic Nursery

Natural and aged finishes, raw woods, and industrial components highlight a rustic nursery.

· Farmhouse Nursery

Farmhouse-inspired nursery designs are laid-back and welcoming, with a blend of basic, modern, and Scandinavian elements.

3. Select a Color Palette

Make your baby’s nursery feel like it’s in motion with the help of a few simple touches. This is why it’s important to choose a color scheme for the twins’ nursery.

Take cues from your favorite furniture, paintings, or rugs when deciding on a color scheme. The twin nursery should convey a particular mood or atmosphere, such as dramatic, warm, relaxed, or even brilliant. Select accordingly.

Colors are important. However, don’t go overboard. It could be too much for you to handle. Pick a neutral color and a few other shades to keep the nursery visually balanced. Moreover, keep in mind that natural light affects the room’s color. Color might seem darker or less saturated in northern light. On the other hand, southern light casts a warm glow.

4. Pick out the Essentials

Cribs, a nursing chair, and a changing table should always be part of your nursery.

Remember that cribs are most likely to be the most expensive piece of furniture in your twin nursery design. Since you are welcoming two babies; therefore, you will need two cribs! Choose wisely.

Consider your nursery’s overall design style when choosing a crib. Decide whether to go with cribs that are smaller in size or full-size ones based on the floor plan you made earlier.

· Bassinet for Twins

Using a bassinet for twins as they transition from the hospital to their new home is a terrific idea. This way, the twins will be close to you at all times.

· Nursing Chair

You will spend a great deal of time feeding the twins, rocking them to sleep, reading to them, or just staring into their eyes. Therefore, you should buy a nursing chair that complements the nursery and is also fun to sit in. Modern to traditional, there are numerous options for nursery chairs. Gliders, recliners, and rockers are examples of nursery chairs.

· Changing Table

It would help if you had a changing table in the twins’ nursery. You can either purchase two or get only one and manage your little ones accordingly. If you are short on room, choose one that simultaneously serves as a vanity and a storage solution.

5. Set up a Nursery Storage System

There must be as many storage options as possible in a nursery designed for twins. Having specific storage areas in the twins’ nursery will help keep the room clean and orderly at all times.

Shelf and bookcase storage are excellent solutions for making the most of your available space. Organize baby’s needs with bins and baskets. Use hanging closet organizers to make more room in the twins’ nursery closet.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on best nursery setup ideas for twins! You can choose the one that best suits your need and incorporate it into your nursery. Happy planning!