Best Dual Flush Toilet – Top 5 Recommendations

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Flushing the toilet is a major issue when it comes to water conservation, which in fact is connected to the preservation of the environment.

Water has been one of the major environment issues all over the world hence there have been many campaigns on how to conserve water every single day.

Water is an important commodity. It can be considered as people’s liquid gold – for without water, people will cease to exist.

It is said that people can live without food for at least 1 to 2 months, sleep for 11 days at the most, but water is a different story. People cannot survive without water for more than 3 to 7 days.

That is the reason why it is important for people to find ways to conserve water because it is an important necessity.

Water is truly vital, especially in a household. Bathroom hygiene needs a lot of water, especially when you are taking a shower, peeing and defecating. In the traditional way of flushing, a toilet uses a lot of water.

It varies depending on what type of toilet unit you are using. According to reports, the average water usage in bathrooms alone in 1992 was around 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush – this is using the regular type of toilet units. When added up, a significant amount of water is “flushed” down the drain every day.

Due to the large amount of water being used just to flush the toilet, in the same year, the US government said that new toilets must not exceed more than 1.6 gallons of water to flush. Hence, many households started to change their units just to help in the conservation of water.

What is the Dual Flush Toilet System?

Over the years, there have been a lot of people who found ways to help save water. Some save water by putting bricks on their water cistern to reduce the amount of water being flushed. While it had been effective, it is not consistent and needs a lot of work.

Bruce Thompson, of Caroma Industries in 1980, created the first 2-button flushing system. This is the best way to choose the volume of water on each flush – a full flush for solid waste and half flush for liquid waste.

This dual flush toilet system has the benefit of using less water even if you are using the full flush. Most of these toilet systems use less water which is seen as one great solution to help conserve water.

Hence installing a dual flush toilet is a great way to help with water conservation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if all Americans would replace their old style toilets, we can save around 2 billion gallons of water every day across the nation.

You don’t have to change your lifestyle greatly to help the environment, but replacing your old flushing systems with devices that have efficient features will significantly help not only the environment, but your money as well.

Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

1. Wood Bridge T-0001 Dual Flush Toilet

The WoodBridge Company is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom products. This company is based in California and has been providing reliable and quality products for almost 13 years now. They are leading in the industry because of their affordable pricing and offer various toilet products that have unique tanks, various bowl designs, and amazing flushing systems.


The Woodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush Toilet system is one toilet product that is well-designed and more importantly environment-friendly. If you are one who values having a modern design in your bathroom, then this is the right one for you.

One notable feature is its soft closing seat. It prevents your toilet seat from slamming down against the rim and creating a loud noise. Aside from that, it helps avoid damaging or creating cracks on your bowl.

The glazed bowl enables a quieter yet powerful flush that prevents limescale build-up due to everyday use. With the dual flush system technology, it helps to reduce water consumption as it allows you to choose whether you want 1.6 gallons or 1.0 gallons per flush.

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The ample height and size of the toilet bowl is just right, especially for people who find it hard to stand from sitting on a lower position. With its slender size, it is a perfect choice for bathrooms that don’t have much space.


  • checkDual flush technology for water conservation
  • Soft closing lid and seat
  • Just the right price
  • Elongated height
  • Modern and sleek design
  • WaterSense certified
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks online support/after-sales support
  • Hard to find replacement materials when broken
  • Flush buttons are a bit hard to press
  • The sloping cistern makes it hard for anything to stand on top


2. American Standard Toilet

As one of the leading plumbing manufacturers in North America, the American Standard brand is notable because of its high performing and stylish designs. Their products are both for residential and commercial customers. They provide water-saving toilets plus guaranteed warranties.


The American Standard Toilet is a certified High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) according to the Water Sense Specifications for its dual flush capabilities. It uses 1.0 gallons per flush for its partial flush function and 1.6 gallons per flush when using the full flush function.

Its surface is designed for easy clean-up and stays clean longer. With the H2Option system, pressurized water comes out which helps to force out dirt that prevents limescale build-up, mold, mildew, stains, and other odor-causing bacteria. It has a rounded shape so that it won’t protrude much from the wall and is just about the right height so that you can use it without any discomfort.


  • checkEPA WaterSense HET toilet certified
  • Best for children and the elderly because of its height
  • H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush System
  • Has an EverClean Surface for easy clean-up
  • Rounded front
  • Easy installation
  • 100% flush tested
  • Has a 5-year limited warranty


  • Not suitable for commercial toilets
  • It sometimes does not have enough water to clean the whole bowl
  • Does not come with the seat and needs to purchase it individually
  • Makes a clunk sound when flushing which can be a turn-off to some consumers


3. KOHLER Wellworth Toilet

Founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, Kohler is based in Wisconsin USA. The company is regarded as having high-quality plumbing products, especially toilets. It is the only company that manufactures cast iron bathtubs and hand-painted sinks and toilets.


The Kohler Wellworth Toilet is a 2-piece toilet which makes it easier for people to install it. It has a round front which is preferable when you have a small-sized bathroom. But while this toilet is a bit small, it does not compromise its function when saving water. It has a dual flush and Class 5 flushing system that enables it to remove large amounts of waste in just one flushing. It meets the EPA Water Sense specifications as well because of its water-saving feature.

The Kohler Wellworth Toilet comes in different colors depending on the supplier. If you want added décor in your bathroom, the flat tank cover can be used to place your decorations on top of it.


  • checkCompetitive price
  • Fully glazed for easier clean-up and maintenance
  • Has efficient flushing action
  • Easy installation
  • Features Class 5 flushing technology and its dual flush
  • Has a 1-year limited warranty


  • Does not come with a seat
  • Not clog proof
  • Too low for tall and older people
  • Not for commercial use


4. Convenient Height Company Toilet Bowl

Convenient Height Company tall toilet products are designed in Massachusetts. It is a small start-up company with the aim of introducing their product slowly and making sure that they provide great customer service.


The Convenient Height Toilet Model S uniquely features a 20-inch elongated toilet bowl. It is one of a kind in the market because of its height. For people who prefer a taller type of toilet, this may be the brand for you. It is best for people who are having a hard time standing up because of toilet bowls that are too low.

It has a durable base for stability and can hold up heavy loads. Its height is 20 inches from the floor going to the top of the bowl and 21 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. The dual flush releases 1.28 gallons per flush and 0.9 gallons per flush for full and partial flush.


  • checkPerfect for people who are having a hard time standing up using a low toilet
  • Dual flush system
  • 5 inches taller than other brands
  • Compact and elongated
  • Reinforced base for heavy loads
  • Parts are widely available


  • Issues with the flushing handle mechanism
  • Toilet seats tend to shift or move
  • Water tanks can be shaky
  • Some water flow issues


5. TOTO Toilet

TOTO is one of the first producers of toilets in Japan. The company became popular worldwide because it offers high-quality toilets that are reasonably-priced.

They pride themselves on producing toilets that never clog, hence requiring minimal repairs and maintenance. It is also the perfect brand for homes that have low water pressure because of their flushing system.


Functional yet stylish, this is one of the best dual toilets that your money can buy. The TOTO Aquia is a 2-piece toilet that can be installed easily.

It has a simple design and is sturdy and durable as well. The Cefiontect ceramic glaze makes it easier to clean. It prevents mold, mildew, and debris from building up.

Because of its dual flush system, using 1.6 gallons per flush or 0.9 gallons per flush, it helps save water which is good for the environment and easy on the wallet as well.

On top of that, flushing is quiet and buttons do not get stuck, unlike other brands. It also has a soft seat which keeps the rim of your toilet crack free and avoids a slamming sound after someone uses the toilet.


  • checkQuiet flushing as against other brands
  • Efficient
  • Dual flushing system
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a modern design
  • Soft close seat included
  • EPA WaterSense Certified
  • Cefiontect ceramic glaze to prevent molds and debris
  • Has a 1-year warranty


  • Slightly difficult when cleaning
  • A bit expensive than other brands
  • Low flush option may not be able to clean the toilet thoroughly



Overall, the best dual flush toilet brand goes to the TOTO Aquia IV. Coming from one of the best brands in the market, the TOTO dual flush toilet is worth the investment.

It may seem quite expensive when you buy it at first, but in the long run it may prove to be more economical because of its durability and water-saving features.

Aside from that, it is environment-friendly which is important when you are looking to install a new toilet fixture at home.

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