Best Bathroom Heater for Those Chilly Mornings

Best Bathroom Heater for Those Chilly Mornings
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When you need to get ready for school or work in the morning, you don’t want to step out from your hot shower into a cold bathroom. Typically, in such cases, most people tend to crank up their heater in the house.

This, however, is extremely wasteful. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this issue. All you need is the best bathroom heater!

A bathroom heater is a small unit that can be easily installed in the bathroom. It will heat up only the bathroom without wastefully heating up the whole home. With this, you will notice an instant drop in your electricity bill and your mornings will become enjoyable as well.

If you are in the market for a good bathroom heater, then look no further. We will review three fantastic bathroom heaters in detail.

Best Bathroom HeaterComparison Chart

Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater, White


OPOLAR Space Ceramic Bathroom Heater with IP21 Water-Proof for Home & Office, Fast Heating & Auto Oscillation, Portable, Adjustable Thermostat, 1500W Black


DeLonghi HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Fan Heater


Best Bathroom Heater Reviews

We tested quite a few bathroom heaters on the market and after careful consideration, we narrowed it down to the following three.

1. Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Lasko is an American company with humble beginnings. It began as a small shop in Philadelphia, and at present, this company is a distributor of innovative products to consumers all over the world. The company’s mission is to provide its customers with a healthy and more comfortable home environment.


If you are in need of a small-sized heater that is not just great to be used in the bathroom but also is portable and lightweight so that it can be used in other rooms, then the Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater is exactly what you need.

The dimensions of this product are six by six by 7.7 inches and it weighs a little under four pounds. The heater is white in color and made out of ceramic.

The heater comes with the simplest controls. There is a low and high setting along with a one-hour timer which in conjunction with the high setting will switch off the heater in an hour. This function is ideal when you need to pre-heat the bathroom before you step in.

This heater has an impressive power rating. Its rating is 1500 watts which for a heater of such a small size is quite powerful.

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What is even more surprising is that even with such a high heat output, the heater stays cold to the touch. This makes carrying it from one room to another an absolute breeze.

When it comes to its safety, the manufacturer hasn’t overlooked any of it. The heater comes with an automatic cutoff function should it show any sign of overheating, and is fitted with an ACLI safety plug.


  • checkRemains cool even when it is on
  • checkShuts off automatically
  • checkVery light in weight
  • checkComes fitted with great safety features
  • checkThree-year limited warranty


  • Does not have a thermostat


2. Opolar Ceramic Space Heater

Opolar was founded in 2015 and has grown to become a customer-focused and innovative small appliance brand. They are known to specialize in designing and developing laptop fans, personal cooling fans, space heaters, humidifiers, and more.


The Opolar Bathroom Heater is a lightweight and well-built product. It measures at 8.7 x 7.1 x 13.7 inches and weighs only about 4.4 pounds. It comes with an in-built handle which makes it ultra-portable. Simply hold it with the handle to place it from one room to another.

Thanks to this portability and compact sizing, this heater has a wide application. Not only can you use it in your bathroom but also it is great for other rooms in your home and your office. You can conveniently place in under your desk too.

The heater comes with three settings: fan mode with no heat, heat at 750W and heat at 1500W. That goes to show this ceramic space heater is designed keeping efficiency in mind.

The heater also comes with ample safety gears for overheating and tip-over protection. The unit switches off automatically in case it overheats and if there is an accidental knock-off. Additionally, there is no fear about electric shocks, thanks to the ACLI plug.

This heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat, which is great to maintain the room temperatures. That means you don’t have to worry about switching it off when it gets too hot.

Lastly, this unit comes equipped with IP21 that will protect the heater from any condensation or drips. This makes it ideal for bathroom use. That said, you still should keep it away from water.


  • checkUltra-portable
  • checkComes with three settings
  • checkAmple safety features
  • checkAdjustable thermostat
  • checkOne-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Weak handle


3. DeLonghi Fan Heater

DeLonghi is a small appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. The company was founded in 1902 by the DeLonghi family as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. It is particularly known for its unique design of its products.


The DeLonghi Fan Heater is mainly known for its anti-freeze setting. It is safe to use in any bathroom, as it is certified to stand against moisture condensation thanks to the IP21 rating. There is also an adjustable thermostat for heating precisely.

The heater runs up to 1500W of power and comes with three power options. There is a timer included too. This is programmable for up to 24 hours, and for safety purposes, it uses a GFCI plug.

It has a thermal cutoff feature as well so that it shuts down the heater if it overheats. There is also a safety tip-over switch.

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This heater has a compact size measuring at 10.6 x 8.3 x 13.3 inches and weighing just a little over four pounds. It comes along with a handle and cord wrap which runs at a length of six feet, making it a no-mess bathroom heater. This bathroom heater by DeLonghi also heats up very silently.


  • checkAmple safety features
  • checkLong cord
  • checkA programmable timer
  • checkPipes do not freeze


  • Does not have the sturdiest built



Having the best bathroom heater will ensure that you do not have to freeze right after stepping out from your warm shower. With the three we’ve reviewed, this will definitely no longer be an issue.

Among the three, we personally liked the Opolar Ceramic Space Heater. This is guaranteed to be safe, effective, and operational when it comes to heating your bathroom. No longer do you have to heat up the entire house thanks to this heater.

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