9 Design Ideas for a Modern Pool House

modern pool house design ideas
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Having a pool in your home, regardless of its size, adds both architectural and functional value to any home. However, if you’d like to make the most of your outdoor pool space, build a pool house.

If you’re a fan of more contemporary architecture, modern pool houses are the perfect addition for your home. Besides a general living area, modern pool houses have  various amenities of a livable home such as a full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Whether you want to build a new pool house or modernize an existing one, a lot of money will go into it. To justify the investment, make sure you design it well.

Below are nine design ideas to make your pool house modern and chic.  

1. Unique Architecture

Being modern is not only about being luxurious. Rather, it refers to using more advanced technologies and contemporary architectural features, such as cleaner lines, open space concept, etc.. With so many pool house options, pick one that is one of its kind. It could have multiple floors with rooms overseeing the pool.

If your budget allows, you can add a balcony one could jump into the pool from, with hammocks hanging on the sides to rest in. The structural shape could be distinctive, and the material used in the making could be exclusive and expensive.

2. Wide Spaces

Pool houses are great spots for hosting lunches, dinners, yoga retreats, parties, and gathering of any kind. A modern pool house would essentially have to have wide, open spaces. You can furnish this open space to have well-decorated lounges to host formal and informal events. It should be wide enough to allow people to dance and move around freely at parties.

3. Exclusive Furnishing

When decorating your pool house, choose furniture that is both comfortable and chic. You can mix and match the theme by keeping the basics more minimal and add hints of nautical, rustic, or even industrial accents. Have coffee tables with huge vases, a big wooden dining table and large couches to relax on. When it comes to flooring, choose natural wood with cool grey undertones.

Choose large and comfortable sofas that provide enough seating for five or so people. The lighting should be remote-controlled, and the pool house should have central air conditioning and heating.

4. Multiple Rooms

A modern pool house can also serve as a temporary guest house.

Depending on the size of your pool house, you can add one or more bedrooms. If space is limited, you can choose a convertible sofa your guests can use as a bed at night. You can even put up a TV, WIFI signal boosters and mini-fridges in the rooms to provide your guests with the best level of hospitality.

When designing the pool house, make sure the rooms have windows with a view of the pool or large enough to let plenty of natural light in. The windows would also be great for ventilation and keeping the pool house fresh.

5. Recreational Activities

Whether you want to use the pool house for yourself or set it up for guests, a modern pool house should be equipped to facilitate various recreational activities.

You can place a beautiful billiard table or have a baby piano set up in the corner of the lounge. You can also add a shelf dedicated to board games or convert a coffee table into a chessboard.

Having the latest video games would also be fantastic. So add a TV, your favorite console and plenty of games you can play with more than one people.

The whole point is to have fun when you or your guests visit the pool house.

6. Big Bathrooms

Nearly all modern pool houses have functional bathrooms. However, the bathrooms in most modern pool houses offer way more than just a toilet or shower.  

They are massive in size, with huge showerheads, and even a Jacuzzi. You can also install heated floors and remote-controlled lighting – provided you have the budget to spare.

The bathrooms also have jacuzzi bathtubs that can fit more than one person at a time. Some bathrooms even have built-in spa and sauna for steam baths.

You can stock the bathroom cabinets with fresh towels and high-quality soaps and shampoos.

So, the next time you design a modern pool house, make sure your bathroom is decked out in contemporary luxury.

7. An Elegant Kitchen

No party or event could be fun without good, freshly made food. Design your pool house to have an elegant modern kitchen with a pantry big enough to store a variety of snacks and non-perishable ingredients.

Your kitchen should be big enough for when you and your friends want to cook together. Go for exquisite marble tabletops and remote-controlled lights on the ceiling.  

Also, make sure to have a fridge to store fresh ingredients for days you’re hosting people in your pool house.

8. Study and a Fireplace

A pool house does not only have to be for hosting events, dinners, parties and meetings. It is also meant to give you the much-needed privacy and isolation all humans crave.

Sometimes, you want to be by yourself and relax. You may need to be alone to focus on studies or work. A study or a library in your pool house would be an excellent place for some much-needed respite.

Have the study or library be lined with towering wooden shelves that carry books and art. Hang exquisite paintings on the walls that will help you relax.

You can also add a fireplace to your study to keep you warm and cozy. Read your favorite book as you sip on hot chocolate on a chilly winter morning.  

A cozy private fireplace would also be perfect for date nights.

9. Build a Bar

Bars always give any living space a chic and edgy modern look. This is exactly the look you want for your pool house.

Have professionals install a beautiful dark toned bar in your pool house, ideally facing the pool. Your bar needs to be stocked with various alcoholic beverages and wines. Hang your wine glasses in the hanging racks and have shot glasses ready for pool parties.

Trust us when we say that this part of your pool house would become your favorite.

Final Thoughts

What differentiates a modern pool house from other basic pool houses is its design and function.

A modern pool house is a vacation destination that does not require you to leave your home.

It is a beautiful architectural structure that feature contemporary designs, elegant furnishings and, most importantly, happy memories.