8 Ways to Work with a Windowless Living Room

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Let’s be realistic. There is no such thing as a dream home, and you will find several homes with rooms that are simply windowless. Usually, you will find windowless bathrooms, basement, guest rooms, study and home office, but what if it is your living room?

If you are wondering how to work with a windowless living room, this post is for you.

The trick to working around a windowless living room is to create the illusion of a window in the given space. You can try to create that illusion in several ways, such as adding mirrors, painting the space in lighter tones and choosing doors that allow light to flow into the space. Then, you can rely on artificial lighting and choosing the right décor and light furniture to transform the look and appeal of your windowless living room.

Let’s look at eight ways to work with a windowless living room and transform it into a relaxing and cozy haven.

#1. Add Mirrors

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to simulate the effect of a window is to add in a large mirror. It will not only help bounce some light but also add some depth to your room. If the ceiling of your windowless living room is low, go for a mirror that reaches close to the ceiling but not up to the ceiling.

#2. Use Reflective Surfaces

Using reflective surfaces is one of the best ways to brighten up your windowless living room. Some of the reflective surfaces you can add to your windowless living room include glass décor and reflective wallpaper.

Place a few glass bowls and furniture with glass surfaces to help reflect the light and give your windowless living room a brighter and sophisticated appeal. You can also go for metallic finish wallpapers to brighten a windowless room. Choose wallpapers with a metallic finish and a lighter, pale background color to maximize the amount of light it reflects to add depth to your room.

#3. Choosing Light Colors for Walls and Floors

If you don’t want to use wallpapers in your windowless living room, you can choose lighter shades to give depth and brighter appeal to your living room. It is particularly helpful when you have a windowless living room and a work from home arrangement so you can set up your temporary workstation in your living room.

A coat of white paint for walls and ceilings is always a preferred choice for obvious reasons. It adds brightness to a windowless living room. Moreover, it mimics the sparkle of natural sunlight as it reflects light from all available sources, including artificial light.

But white is not the only option. You can consider several other lighter shades ranging from ivory to cream and even pastel shades such as mint, lilac, and sky. You can also choose different finishes from matte to glossy.

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If you want to create a more spacious look in your windowless living room, try to choose the same color for your ceiling and walls as it helps disappear the edges and enhance the overall appeal of your space.

As for the floor, it’s best to go for lighter shades regardless of the type of flooring material you choose. While white flooring requires high maintenance, you can consider pale shades or go for a few natural colored jute or rattan rugs.

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#4. Go for Doors that Allow Light to Flow into Your Windowless Space

If you don’t have windows in your living room, try adding French doors that help create an illusion that mimics a natural source of light. Try adding in a few lights on the inner side of the room and create an effect of natural light pouring into your windowless living room.

#5. Add Artificial Lighting

Since windowless living rooms do not have access to natural light, you need to add artificial light to light up the space. Try to add layered lighting in your windowless living room and overhead fixtures, such as crystal chandeliers, to reflect light and create a well-lit space in your windowless living room.

#6. Choose Light Furniture and Airy Fabrics

Most homeowners are reluctant to purchase white or light-colored furniture for their homes, especially for the living room, casual space for the family. However, if you have a windowless living room, choosing light-colored furniture can make a lot of difference. Try adding a long, white sofa and place a similar shaded cabinet next to it to make the wall look wider and taller and wider while creating a brighter appeal to your windowless living room. However, as you choose light-colored furniture and airy fabrics, don’t forget to go for things that are easy to maintain. After all, it’s your living room, and you wouldn’t want to spend most of your time worrying about stains.

#7. Add a Few Plants

Plants can light up any space, so why not place a few plants around your windowless living room to make the area feel alive. You can go for lighter shades of planters to add brightness to your space but don’t forget to go for indoor plants that can survive without sunlight.

#8. Choose the Right Art

Last on the list of ways of working in a windowless living room is to choose the right art. Make your windowless living room feel alive with art pieces that are low on maintenance but can add depth to your walls and space.

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Final Words

Working with a windowless living room may seem like a challenge but not if you try out these eight ways. With a few basic changes and additions, you can brighten up your windowless living room and transform it into a warm and cozy space.