8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Theater Seating

How to choose the perfect home theater seat?
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It doesn’t matter how fancy and big your home theater is, your experience is probably not going to be great if you are not sitting comfortably .

Having to reinvest into new theater seats because your old ones aren’t good enough would be a nightmare for you and your wallet. This is why it’s better to spend a little more time finding the right ones.

With different types and qualities to choose from, deciding which home theater seats will be best for you can be challenging – especially for first-time buyers. This is why we’ve collected the following tips for choosing the perfect home theater seating.

1. Measure Your Home Theater Room

Choosing the best possible room or location to build a home theatre is an important decision as it will dictate its overall design and layout.

Once you have selected the room, the next step is to note down the room’s dimensions. Measure the floor’s length and width along with the height of the theater room.

These dimensions will determine how many seats you can comfortably place in your theater room and if you have the space and height for multiple rows of seats. The latter is necessary to calculate as the row on the back will need elevation to allow uninterrupted view of the screen.

The seating layout must also allow sufficient walking space and should be at a prescribed distance from the screen for comfortable viewing.  

2. Allocate a Budget

Home theater seats can go from $700 per seat to even up to $8,000 per seat. It all comes down to how much money you are ready to spend.

The tip here is to finalize the complete budget you’re willing to spend on your home theater before even starting to think about buying anything. Then allocate a part of the budget to the home theater seats. This would help you save time by narrowing down your options.

3. Choose the Number of Seats

Essentially, the size and height of your home theater room will decide the number of seats you can place. However, you can always make that choice yourself. For instance, if you have a big spacious home theater room but want a few theater seats to keep it more private and neat, you can do that.

If your theater room is moderately sized, but you want it to accommodate many people at the same time, you can get relatively smaller seats. Or you can look for more creative ways to fit more people in. For instance, you can choose connected rows of seats.

Although the size of the room is the major determining factor, you still have a choice regarding the number of seats you want your home theater to have. A combination of both will help you make the right decision.

4. Go with the Theme

The design and style of your home theater will be a reflection of your unique taste. Pick seats that resonate with the overall theme you have selected for your home theater.

If your home theater walls are light in color and the carpeting also has softer tones, then brown or neutral-colored theater seats would look great. If the carpeting and walls have a dark chic look, go with darker, more sophisticated theater seats.

In the case you’ve set up a rather luxurious home theater, with beautiful carpeting, luxurious window drapes, wall art, and controllable dramatic lighting, choose elegant leather theater seats. If you can, invest in the latest reclining theater seats that would look as fancy as your theater room.

5. Pick the Right Material

While making sure your theater seats go well with the overall home theater theme, pick a material that fits your needs better.

If your home theater will be often used by children, going with a less absorbent, easy to clean fabric for your theater seats is the best idea. For this, you can choose vinyl or faux leather.

If your home theater is not going to have air conditioning, refrain from buying with leather seats. Leather can get hot and sticky in summers, making for an uncomfortable movie watching experience.

If the theme of your home theater is fancy and luxurious, then invest in high-quality leather seats to tie in the look.  

6. Choose Your Ideal Type of Home Theater Seat

When you decide to buy home theater seats, you have a wide variety of types of seats to choose from. Each theater seat type has different prices and caters to different needs and themes.

For instance, if your home theater is luxurious and your allocated budget is high enough, invest in high-quality reclining seats with footrests, cup holders and maybe even neck support. These seats would give you the best, most relaxing home theater experience.

If your home theater is just for you and your partner, consider getting loveseats. Similarly, you can choose simple seats if you’re running on a tight budget.

7. Do Your Research

Never spend your money without being fully aware of the options available within your budget. It will save you from unnecessary spending and resentment.  

With so many companies and websites easily available online, you do not have to settle and can find exactly what you want.

Allocate time and effort into finding the theater seating in the best possible budget. Your research might even give you better ideas regarding your overall home theater design.

8. Get Professional Help

Setting up an entire home theater on your own is almost impossible, especially if you’re not a frequent DIY-er. This is where professional help and consultation can save you money and time.

The home theater experts would help you find and choose the theater seating you need. They can also help with the necessary construction required to fit in multiple rows of seats. Their experienced opinion regarding color, material, and type would ensure your money does not get wasted.

Final Thoughts

You should only have to invest in theater seating once. Measuring your theater room, finding the right type of budget-friendly seats as per your needs, and making the purchase only after sufficient research and professional consultation will ensure you stay content with your theater seats for a long time.