7 Tips to Be Super Productive in Your Home Office

Productive in your home office
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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, so many things have changed. One major change that occurred globally was the transition to work-from-home instead of the office. Despite the world slowly resuming back to its original pace, it seems the work-from-home trend is here to stay. Working from home means setting up a home office where you can be comfortable and focus on work. To remain super productive in your home office, your office should fit all your needs. It needs to be a quiet space away from distracting noises. This is a space where you should not be interrupted by your children, partner, neighbors, or even pets!

Let’s look at some tips to be super productive while working from your home office:

1. Set Your Office According to Your Needs and Style

Furnish your office according to your needs and style. Choose a quiet room tucked away from the bedrooms and living room. If no such room is available in your house, you can also turn a quiet corner of your home into a home office. Make sure there is a large window for ventilation. You can also furnish the space with plants for a natural feel. Paint one wall a soothing color to help your mind relax when stressed. Also, ensure that you have all the furniture you need, such as a desk and a comfortable chair, and the necessary equipment to get all your work done.

2. Communicate Expectations

Even if you are working from home, you are still working. The people you live with, such as family members or your roommates, need to respect that. It’s vital to communicate your expectations to them, so they do not interrupt you. Setting ground rules can be helpful, especially if you have online meetings or deadlines. This is particularly important if the rest of the family is home while you’re working.

3. Take Breaks

To be super productive in your home office, you should take breaks. Taking breaks adds to your productivity, giving your mind a break and helping it relax. When working from home, you may feel guilty, as you are working at the same pace you live and sleep in. Don’t let this get to you. Please take the necessary short breaks your mind needs to refresh itself. Instead of walking a short video on YouTube or browsing through your phone, try to get away from your desk when taking a break. Go outside for a walk in your backyard or step into your balcony for some fresh air. You can also talk to someone else at home for a few minutes before returning to work.

4. Interact with Other People

At times, working from home can get boring and lonesome. You miss the casual interaction with colleagues at the office. It can be isolating as it lacks small talk with colleagues and interactive activities. To be productive in your home office, you need to avoid feeling isolated. A great way to do this is through communication. Try to keep in touch with your colleagues. You can reach out to them through video calls or chat. Use the method your company normally uses to communicate. Also, working from home does not mean you have to remain alone throughout the day. Take your breaks to interact with whoever is at home. Perhaps you can meet up with a friend who lives close by and works from home.

5. Set Boundaries for Yourself

While working from home, we tend not to pay attention to timings. You may start your work late and finish late. At times you can get so caught up with work that you can lose track of time. Don’t do this. Set clear timings for yourself and stick to them. Start work at a specific time and finish at a set time. This will help you achieve the healthy work-life balance necessary to remain super productive in your home office.

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6. Eat Healthy and Set a Sleep Schedule

This is one of the most important tips to be productive.

We tend to drift into the kitchen very often when working from home and start snacking mindlessly. Some people visit the kitchen in every break they take and eat something. What you eat will actively impact how you feel. Snack on healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, low-fat cheese, and olives. You can also have fresh vegetables such as carrots and cucumber sticks with a dip. This will make you feel energetic and fresh. Snacking on foods loaded with sugar or fried items will make you bloated and feel sluggish. So, when working from home, remember always to eat healthy foods.

It’s also crucial to sleep on time. It will automatically be hard waking up early in the morning and timing in if you sleep. You will also be drowsy and feel ineffective. Eating the right foods and getting enough sleep will make you productive and efficient when working from home.

7. Communicate with Your Employer

At times, while working from home, you can lose track of your performance. Make sure you remain steadily in contact with your employer/supervisor/manager to avoid this. If you have any questions or queries, discuss them openly. You can also agree upon a hybrid work system if your workplace is flexible. For example, you can visit the office two to three days a week and work from home on the remaining days. This way, you will remain in touch with your colleagues, keep track of your goals and performance and stay productive in your home office.

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