6 Lobby Flooring Ideas That are Right for Your Home

Red Wooden Door Opening to a Lobby
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When someone enters your premises, they first encounter the lobby. The first impression is usually the lasting impression, so designing your entrance adequately will go a long way. For your lobby to look stylish, the right flooring is crucial. Lobby flooring serves many purposes. It is aesthetically important and sets the theme of your house. Lobby flooring also has to be durable as your home’s entry point; the lobby receives the lost footfall.

So, if you play the host frequently and receive a large number of guests or have a large family who visits often, a well-styled lobby sets a great impression for your home. Therefore, a beautiful and hardwearing entrance floor is essential. People often come in and out of the house with dirty and wet shoes. Their shoes may carry stones and sand that can take a toll on the floor. When choosing the right lobby flooring material, decide on scratch and moisture resistant options and are easy to clean.

Let’s have a look for the right flooring options for lobby areas for your home.

1. Start by Setting Your Budget

Before you start looking at lobby flooring material, it’s a good idea to set a budget. Also, do some research regarding product prices to prepare when you meet the materials dealer. You should know how much you want to spend on your home lobby flooring and which materials fall within your budget. With proper research, you should be able to get good lobby flooring material for your home at a reasonable price.

2. Choose a Particular Style

When designing your home’s entrance or lobby, begin by choosing a theme. Explore different patterns, textures, designs, and colors. Also, consider other materials such as laminate, wood, and vinyl. The type of flooring you choose and its color will set your home’s overall style. You can go for bold or bright hues for a more contemporary look. If you want a more classic theme, you can choose shades of gray, black, or white.

3. Vinyl for Your Home Lobby

Vinyl is a great option. It is resilient and affordable. It is a low-maintenance material, so you will not have to worry about upkeep. It is also scratch and moisture resistant, so your flooring will not be affected if you get a lot of traffic in your home. Quite inexpensive compared to other flooring options, Homeowners prefer vinyl flooring due to its attractiveness, affordability, and durable qualities.

If you want an entrance with a wooden floor but don’t want to go with solid wood due to its lack of practicality, vinyl is a great alternative. In such cases, you can install luxury vinyl tiles or LVT that suit even the busiest entrances. This lobby flooring material can also withstand rough use, such as muddy shoes, umbrellas, and snow.

4. Wooden Entrances for Home

Wooden entrances look beautiful and make a great first impression. If you have wooden flooring installed throughout your house, it makes sense to have it in the lobby too. However, homeowners do have several practical concerns when opting for wooden flooring, especially for your home’s entrance. The primary drawback with wood is that it does not absorb moisture. Puddles of water can seep through wooden floors and damage the wood. To reduce moisture damage, a good idea is to go for engineered wooden floors rather than solid ones.

Engineered wooden floors are more long lasting and absorb moisture and humidity. But sometimes, homeowners do go for pure wood due to its natural beauty. Virgin wood is available in various colors, patterns, and designs and enhances your home’s overall look marvelously. Even if wood can get damaged easily, it can also be sanded and frequently refinished, thus restoring the floor’s beauty.

5. Laminate Entrances

Laminate flooring is similar to luxury vinyl. Laminate can replicate the look of stone, wood, or tiles. It is also a cheaper option compared to other flooring options. Laminate flooring is also easy to maintain and clean, making it a great choice for homes. However, if you want to install laminate flooring in your home’s lobby or entrance, it needs to be thicker and more durable laminate.

This is so it can stand frequent wear and tear. One disadvantage with laminate is that if it gets damaged due to excess wear and tear, the entire top layer of the flooring needs to be replaced. This is because laminate cannot be sanded like wood can. At times, the patterns present on laminate boards can also be repetitive, making them look fake.

6. A Carpeted Entrance

Wall-to-wall carpeting is sometimes an option utilized by homeowners by their entrance. If your entire house is carpeted, it makes sense to carpet the lobby as well. A carpeted hall can make your home feel plush and inviting. It creates a luxurious feel and is comfortable to walk on. You can go for woolen or velvet carpets, but they are a rather expensive option. A mixture of nylon and wool carpets is a more affordable choice. One advantage of a carpeted home and entrance is that that is safe to fall on. If you fall on hardwood, you can seriously injure yourself.

If children or older adults around you and fall on a carpeted floor, they are less likely to harm themselves. Also, if you live in a cold climate, a carpeted home will retain heat and thus reduce their energy bills in the long run. A carpeted home and entrance can also have several disadvantages. Carpets don’t absorb moisture well, and they can stain as well as mold. They can also cause allergies if dust and dirt settle in the carpet’s fibers.

If you have respiratory issues, it’s probably best to avoid carpets. However, carpets work well if you don’t have much footfall and a general rule of taking your shoes off before entering the lobby.