5 Reasons You Need a Home Spa

Building a Home Spa
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Having a busy routine should not mean you get absolutely no time for yourself. Having some time to yourself on a daily basis is necessary for de-stressing, especially if you lead a rather busy life. It helps you remind yourself that you matter just as much as anyone else.

Do you love going to the salon or the spa for this much-needed me-time but struggle to do so regularly?

If yes, having a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day at home is just what you need.

All it takes is the motive to treat yourself, redecorating your bathroom, some new rugs, towels, candles and bath products, and maybe a delicious glass of wine. Your me-time would become your favorite time of the week.

Read below to learn about five reasons you absolutely need a home spa.

1. Helps You De-Stress

Spas or salons have always been the perfect place for people to ignore everything else that is going on for a couple of hours and simply relax. Nothing comes close to having your eyes closed as you hear the soothing sounds of the water running and smell the aromas of beautifully scented bath products. Having a home spa can help you get this experience at home without having to leave it, which is a plus for people who don’t have a spa close-by.

You no longer have to find the time to drive to a spa; rather, the ultimate spa will be in your own bathroom.

Anytime you feel your muscles tensed and an overwhelming level stress on your mind, take an hour out for yourself, light some therapeutic candles and lay in your bathtub with a face mask on. The dimly lit bathroom, your body submerged in warm water, and the different scents will melt away all your tensions, anxieties and worries.

It will heal your muscles and help your mind relax, refocus, and restart work with a better mood and more energy. The spa treatments you use for your hair and skin will also make you feel better about yourself. This will uplift your overall mood and help you have a good night’s sleep.

2. You’ll Have the Liberty to Personalize Your Spa Time

If you go spas regularly, you might have had an experience where your  requests and preferences fell on deaf ears, wasting your time and money.

Having a home spa allows you the full liberty to choose which products you want on your face, the temperature of the water, the ambience around you needs, and the song you wish to hear as you melt your stress away into your bathtub. All this is now up to you. How can anything be better than this?

Chances of having a hideous rash or allergic reaction to a product are lowered as you can control what goes on your skin and hair.

3. Be Sure About Hygiene

Pandemic or not, we can rarely ever be fully at peace and sure about the cleanliness of a place many people frequent. If you feel like the water is not fresh during a spa treatment, or the towel around your body feels course due to overuse, your spa experiences might get ruined forever.

Having a spa at your home allows you to ensure the cleanliness and purity of your entire spa experience. You can make sure your bathwater is clean and fresh, your towels are washed or new, your loofah has not been used on anyone else’s body, and the pumice stone for your feet has only ever been used by you.

A home spa’s hygienic environment not only feels comforting but also protects your body against transferable diseases and infections caused by dirty salon tools.

4. You Can Make Your Own Schedule

Having to wait endlessly for your turn at a spa can be very frustrating. Not only would the waiting affect your entire experience, but chances are, you might not return to the spa anytime soon.

Who has that kind of time, right?

Well, having a home spa can solve that problem. You can have your spa session whenever you want, even in the middle of the night.  It wouldn’t matter how late or early it is; you are free to treat your body and soul at a time of your choice.

Also, you no longer would be asked to move quickly or get a hasty spa treatment just because other people are waiting for their turns. Rather, the duration of your spa routine would completely depend on you.

You can go for a quick thirty-minute body scrub and wash, or you could stay in your cozy bathtub and watch an entire movie. Nobody will push you to break out of this relaxing spell.

5. Have a More Private and Intimate Session

You cannot really relax when you feel like someone is watching you, regardless of their intention. While many salons ascertain their client’s privacy, some people might feel uncomfortable even then. This is a true and valid concern for many people that a home spa can solve.

If you have a home spa, you can be sure that no one would walk in on you without a warning. This way, you can truly relax and make the most of your spa session.

You can enjoy the calmness and serenity isolation and seclusion can offer. Having a quiet moment without anyone’s interference can be truly therapeutic.

Home spas can also be very romantic and intimate. Having a private home spa day with your best friend or partner can make the experience twice as fun. You can catch up with each other during an aromatherapy session or can enjoy an intimate moment in the candle-lit romantic setting.

Next time you find it hard to take out the time for driving to a spa, remember your dream spa can be in your own bathroom.

Your spa experience would be significantly improved as you would have the liberty to treat yourself whenever, however, and for the time duration of your choice. It would improve your mental health and make you feel happier and more energized.