5 Reasons Why You Need a Pool House

Pool house
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When you build your dream home, you make sure everything in it is exactly as you would like it to be. You make sure their floors, ceilings, finishes, furniture, and appliances are all the best you can possibly have in the budget you have. Furthermore, this is a place where you will be spending a large part of your life or at least the foreseeable future, so you need to make sure everything is as nice as it can be. Beyond being nice and appealing, it should also be functional.

One of the best ways you can make the most of your home is by making it as functional as possible. Some people do this by making multiple floors to have more space, whereas others do this by adding amenities like a home theater, game room, or swimming pool.

Something that many people tend to overlook is a pool house. Firstly, a pool house exists where there is a swimming pool, and since not every home has a swimming pool, pool houses are not the most common part of a home. However, there are many benefits of having a pool house, some of which you might not even know existed.

Pool House Can Double As A Storage Unit

In most places, you can’t use your swimming pool all year round. In the winter months, taking a dip is the last thing anyone wants to do. So what do you do with the pool house? You can now use your pool house as off-season storage. This could allow you to store all the outdoor furniture that you have outside, protecting it from the snow or cold winds. Once the winter months have passed, you can simply drag it all back outside and use it over the next few months.

Besides outdoor furniture, if there are other things in the house that need to be stored away, the pool house is the perfect place to put them. This way, they stay in the home but also out of sight unless really needed.

Pool house? We think you mean home gym!

One of the advantages of having a pool house means you are not limited to simply having a place you can sit or hang out. Your pool house can also double as your very own home gym. By making a home gym in your pool house, you will be able to not only workout away from any distractions, but you will also not be in the way of anyone in the main house. This way, you will have a dedicated space to go and work out in your own home.

By having a home gym, you don’t need to worry about having to go to the gym, seeing if the machines you want to use are free, or worrying about having random people coming and bothering you. Furthermore, you can use it whenever you want! Come sun, rain, snow, or dust, your home gym will be right there in the event that you need that pump to get your blood flowing.

A Pool House Can Also Be Used as a Guest House

When building a pool house, if your budget allows it, you could also equip your pool house with the amenities needed for it to double as a guest house. Add a bathroom, wardrobe, and a bed with a small TV and you have the perfect guest house for someone staying over. If you have a family over, they can stay in their own little part of the house in privacy, and you can stay in the main house with your privacy. This might not seem like a big deal to many, but when you have this luxury, the peace that it offers is unparalleled.

You don’t need to worry about your guests taking up family rooms, disrupting the order of things, and having people mad at each other for no reason. As much as we hate to admit it, at some point, this has happened with everyone. To save yourself the hassle, try to make your pool house a multi-purpose structure, i.e., as a guest house.

Use The Pool House To Keep Certain Things Out Of Reach

Every home has different chemicals or tools that are not the safest for everyone to have access to. These could include cleaning supplies, heavy tools, or other hazardous substances used around the house. In the hands of a child or someone experienced, these things can prove to be very dangerous. By having a pool house, you can keep all of these things safely tucked away under lock and key to make sure no one has access other than the people who will use these things.

If you leave these in cabinets or on counters in the house, there is a high chance that a child might get their hands on it. In the worst-case scenario, a trip to the ER is on the books, which is the last thing someone wants. By having a pool house, you can keep these things safely hidden away until they are needed.

Use The Pool House Properly!

One of the main reasons people build pool houses is to entertain guests who are partying around the pool. By having a pool house, you are able to keep the party outside and away from your main home. The guests will have access to a seating area, mini kitchen, bathroom, and other basic facilities outside and won’t need to go into the main house. This way, your home will stay unbothered, and you won’t need to worry about guests knocking over your favorite vase or staining your expensive rug.

By keeping the party outside and away from the house, you will be able to keep the inside of your home from being disturbed. If you have kids that sleep early, there won’t be any disturbance in the house that might wake them up at night.