5 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Patio Renovation

Patio renovation mistakes
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Planning to give your patio a much-needed update this summer season? As great of an outdoor space as a patio is, it can often be challenging to give it a makeover. The first issue that baffles most homeowners is deciding where to get started.

When remodeling a patio or creating something completely new, the main consideration is to have a comprehensive design plan in place. If you’re wondering why that is, the answer is fairly obvious: patio renovations can be extremely costly. Whether you’re planning to add new expensive furniture and equipment or want to construct new additions, a patio remodel can cause a dent in your pocket. So, you obviously want to make sure you get it right the first time!

That said, we’re here to help you plan the perfect patio remodel by highlighting the mistakes homeowners have made in the past so that you can avoid these pesky blunders and create the patio of your dreams.

Without further ado, here are some expensive mistakes to avoid when planning a patio renovation.

1. Not Having a Plan in Place

Every home renovation project requires extensive planning. It may seem like fun to just grab a couple of pieces you like and opt for things that seem appealing to you, but how can you possibly know that these things are going to go well together?

You may opt for the most expensive flooring, the priciest furniture, or grand accessories only to find out they don’t fit well in your space. Therefore, when planning your patio renovation, it is important to take a step back and research to find and decide exactly what you want before jumping into the execution stage.

In the current digital age, it is extremely easy to find inspiration online. Visit Pinterest and other websites and search for patio images to find a design that resonates with you. Once you’ve done that, consult a professional to see how they can help you execute your vision. Either way, you’ll thank yourself later for planning your patio remodel.

2. Forgetting to Take Proper Measurements

Lack of planning brings us to a major renovation consideration: taking proper measurements. Whenever you’re planning a new remodeling project, always measure twice! Taking accurate measurements is quite literally the difference between a successful renovation project and an extremely costly project with high material wastage.

Taking proper measurements applies to all scenarios, including building from scratch or revamping a space. You will need to measure the floor space of your patio, account for its dimensions, and if you have a covered area, you’ll also have to check its height.

If you don’t measure your space correctly, you’ll end up buying more-than-required flooring or furniture only to realize that it doesn’t bode well with your patio’s size. Sure, you’ve been living in your house for a while and think you know your space well enough. But are you willing to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars over it?

3. Not Creating a Budget

It can be very easy to get excited and overzealous when conducting home renovations. With so many ideas jumping around in your head, you might just want to try out all the ideas to see how it goes. However, considering how expensive renovation projects can be, can you really afford to try out all the different ideas you have?

A major consideration of conducting a successful patio renovating project is figuring out how much you’re willing and can afford to spend first. This especially applies to situations where you’re having your patio built from scratch. In such cases, you will obviously also have to factor in the building costs alongside the furniture and accessories you want to get.

Creating a budget for a patio renovation can also help you determine your priorities. For instance, if you have to choose between a sitting area and cooking space, what would you opt for? Or, if you need to choose between building a bar or a play area for children, which option will you prioritize?

4. Attempting to Overdo Things

Many times, we have a vision of the patio space we want to create. While it may look stunning in our heads, it may not always be practical in reality. Sure, you want to build the perfect cozy outdoor space with a huge sitting area, fireplace, play area, and even a bar. But do you even have enough patio space to fit in all this?

The fact is that attempting to overdo things almost always doesn’t pan out well. It is better to have a well-designed patio space that starts off as sparse and has the capacity to house more accessories along the way instead of overcrowding and overwhelming your space.

You might eventually be able to build your dream patio, but it will take some time and require some tweaks here and there. Additionally, you might not be able to fit every object into your patio space, but that’s okay! Remember: strategic choices are necessary.

5. Choosing Materials Poorly

Some homeowners try to save money, not by cutting down on the things they want on their patio but by compromising on the quality of materials they choose. The choice of materials can significantly impact the visual appeal and durability of your patio.

Not all materials are outdoor-friendly, and unless your house is in the middle of a desert, you will have to consider the moisture levels and required maintenance of the materials you select.

Choosing all your patio materials wisely is important, ranging from wall paints to flooring and even furniture. This doesn’t go to say that you need to buy the most expensive materials, but it rather suggests that you invest in quality materials that give you a bang for your buck!

The Bottom Line

Your patio is supposed to be a lovely relaxing space where you can comfortably unwind after a long day or host your family and friends. If you have decided to remodel your patio, make sure you do it right by avoiding the patio remodeling mistakes mentioned in the article. Happy remodeling!