5 Budget-Friendly Pool House Remodel Ideas

Pool House Remodel
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A pool house is an extension of your outdoor pool area. The pool house isn’t a place to live in. It is more along the lines of a place where you can store things that might not make it in the main house, be the hub of your parties to make sure the main house isn’t disturbed, or a place where you can also house any hobbies you might have. 

The thing with a pool house, it isn’t a need or want. It is purely something that you have for recreation. Some people had pool houses built when their homes were under construction. Over time, wear-and-tear can cause it to deteriorate, and it will need to be renovated after some time. 

Depending on your interests, your pool house can be upgraded in any number of ways. There are endless possibilities, especially with all the new and fancy gadgets out there to make things easier for you. You can decorate your pool house with real or faux-house plants, add your favorite sports team’s paraphernalia, or line the shelves with your favorite collectible action figures. 

Beyond decorations, you can also remodel the structure to make it more functional than it used to be. If making it more functional isn’t what you have in mind and want to follow a theme, here is a list of 5 ideas that we feel would be good to consider when you decide to remodel your pool house. These ideas are based on what we feel most people like when they upgrade their pool house.

Pool House Design:

A Romantic Pool House

Few things compare to a pool house designed to be romantic. This is an option for couples with or without kids who want to retain the romanticism that existed in their lives when they first got together. Based on what you consider romantic, you should entirely try to make the necessary changes to your pool house design or structure. 

One way to do this is by adding a lush green element on the inside or, better yet, on the outside. Adding some plant-based elements to your pool house allows it to tie into the surroundings, i.e. any plants or shrubs you have grown. Furthermore, you can upgrade the interior by adding colors that you associate with romance. Cushions, sofa, bed covers, rugs, and furniture that adds to the aesthetic will always be an amazing addition.

One suggestion would be to remember to somehow associate your design language with something out of a fairytale. Romance is a surreal emotion that allows you to feel love and adoration. 

A Pool House With Seating And Dining

Few feelings are as exciting as having a place to enjoy your food beyond the main house. One way to renovate your pool house is by adding a dining area. This makes it easier for you or your guests to enjoy a nice meal outside without disturbing the main house, making an unnecessary mess that is trouble to clean up. 

If you regularly have parties or get-togethers with your friends for game night or unwind, having a dining area with seating is always a welcome addition. You don’t know how amazing it is until you have it because you can have a place to eat and relax while not worrying about making a mess in the house. 

Doing this adds an element of privacy where you can have a good time in your own home without worrying about disturbances.

Adding New Amenities

Chances were, when you built your house, the pool house wasn’t something that you focused too much of your budget on. Now, you can make more of it by adding new features that can elevate the experience of having a house inside a house. 

Make it an Entertainment Hub

Your pool house can become a place where you, your family, and your friends can hang around. This could include installing a nice TV, adding a surround sound system, and a mini kitchen if you have the space. If you are into gaming, you can add your PC gaming setup there for you and your friends to get in a session with your friends. 

Your pool house should be a place where you can relax and unwind, so you need to make sure when you are doing renovations, you do not forget to make it a place where you can kick back and have a good time. 

Upgrade The Shower Area

This is imperative for any pool house. Before you take a dip in your pool, it is advised that you rinse yourself down to make sure your body is at the right temperature. If there wasn’t one before, install one now. Furthermore, if there is already a shower, upgrade the showerhead, add a shower curtain, and revamp the surroundings. 

Change Up The Color Scheme

This is the simplest way to upgrade your pool house and take it from old and worn down to new and fancy. Choose a color that is easy on the eyes and something that complements the main house. You don’t want to have a pool house whose color is in the other direction. 

The theme can also influence the color choice that your pool house is following. For a romantic theme, the colors should be softer and lighter. If you want a more luxurious look and feel, opt for darker colors that properly emulate what you want. The possibilities are as endless as the themes you can pick and choose from. 

Final Thoughts

Your pool house is meant to be a place where you can relax, unwind, and have a great time. When you decide to upgrade it, make sure you do anything that can make it a place where you are at peace and comfort. The main house already exists for your regular day-to-day life; the pool house doesn’t need to be a smaller version of it.