4 Fence Colors That Can Make Your Garden Look Bigger

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Your choice of paint color can significantly impact how your space appears. While most people think that your choice of paint color is not as important for your outdoor space, that’s not always true. Your choice of paint for your outdoor space, including your garden fence, can have a significant impact on how your garden appears. If you have a small yard, you can transform your outdoor space and make it look bigger simply by choosing certain fence colors.

To inspire you, we have compiled a list of fence colors that can make your garden look bigger.

Before We Get Into the Details

But before we get into the details, you need to know that you should always follow the fence paint manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended drying time. Moreover, in case the fence paint gets into contact with your eyes, immediately rinse with cold water.

Furthermore, before you paint your fence to make your garden look bigger, you need to do some prep which includes the following.

  • Clear the area of your yard and remove all clutter and items, not in use (which is also one of the tricks to make your garden appear bigger)
  • Cover the plants and vegetation with a plastic sheet, so they don’t get damaged by the paint,
  • Don’t forget to prepare your fence by sanding it down and removing any old nails or screws that can cause injury.
  • It’s best to apply a primer layer and let it completely dry before using the paint for lasting results.

Now that your garden and fence are ready for the fence paint job let’s look at some of the fence paint colors for your garden fence that will make your garden look bigger.

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Fence Colors That Can Make Your Garden Look Bigger

White and cream have always been the top choice of fence paint colors to make the garden look bigger. But apart from these two colors, there are several other fence paint colors that you can choose from and make your garden look bigger. Some of the top choices for fence paint colors to make your garden look bigger include the following.

1. Green

If you have a small garden with several green plants with thick foliage, it makes perfect sense to go for green as your fence color. It blends well with the plants and makes your garden appear bigger and stretched.

Green comes in several shades, and you can choose one depending upon your liking and your overall outdoor theme. Dark green makes a great choice as it replicates the color of the deep forest, but if darker shades do not inspire you, there are several other shades of green that you can choose from. Opt for lighter tones of greens as it gives a more traditional look to your yard while expanding your space and complementing other existing colors in your garden.

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2. Light Blue-Grey

Lighter, cooler shades are also a great choice of fence colors to make your garden appear bigger. Generally, lighter shades are more reflective and make your space appear larger, but that doesn’t mean that you should only stick to white and cream. Instead, you can also opt for lighter shades of blue, which adds depth to your space and make your garden appear bigger.

A light blue-grey fence particularly works well with neutral colored outdoor furniture and surroundings and complements the greens in the garden. With a light blue-grey fence, you can add a unique appeal that’s luxurious, gives a contemporary feel to your garden and also create lovely by-the-beach vibes.

In all, a combination of nature’s best colors, green and blue, create the right balance in your garden, and if you opt for a light blue-grey fence paint, you can make your small garden appear larger.

3. Soft Pink

Another great choice of fence paint color that can make your small garden appear bigger is soft pink. Choose the lighter shades of pink to create an outdoor space that appears cute and large, especially during the daytime and at sunset. When you opt for soft pink as your choice of fence paint color, it will help you blur the boundaries of your garden and make the space appear bigger.

And if you feel that soft pink is too light for your fence, you can also experiment with brighter shades of pink that will make your garden appear more stylish and bold. Brighter tones of pink make a great addition to gardens with many green plants and make the space appear bigger.

4. Multicolored Fence

It might come as a surprise to many homeowners, but a multicolored fence can make your garden appear bigger. Often, a single color is not enough to create the right effect, and that’s when you need to use a couple of shades to paint your fence and add depth and appeal to your garden. Add some greens, pinks and yellows to create a fence that makes your garden look wider and larger.

Another interesting and unusual variation that you can try with your multicolored fence is to create a mural. A garden fence mural looks stunning and will dramatically affect the visual extension of your yard. However, creating the perfect multicolored mural may not be a DIY project, and you will need to get this job done professionally.

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Final Words

If you have a small garden, you can make it look bigger by choosing the right fence paint colors. Opt for greens, lighter shades of blue and pink. And if you love experimenting with colors, then going for a multicolored fence or a multicolored mural on your garden fence also makes one of the best ways to make your garden look bigger.