11 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony

Small apartment balcony design
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Nothing sounds better than resting with a book in your hand and sipping a margarita on a warm summer evening in your now-lovely balcony. If your balcony is currently serving as a graveyard for plants and old broken furniture, it’s time to change things up. Regardless of its size, your balcony deserves much love and care, especially since it allows you to breathe fresh air in your own private space.

That said, here are a few cozy balcony ideas and decor inspirations to help you create a lovely outdoor space to relax, entertain, and enjoy.  

1. DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

We’re all about aesthetics and function when it comes to beautifying spaces. Add a little extra privacy to your apartment balcony with an affordable bamboo privacy screen. Make this a fun DIY project by purchasing a bunch of bamboo poles at the storage and connecting them with rope and zipped ties. Bamboo is a stunning and rustic element that can add a natural touch and rawness to a space, making it look light and breezy. Top off your bamboo screen with string lights for a warm look.

2. Opt for a Balcony Table that Doesn’t Use Floor Space

If there’s no room to spare for a table on your small apartment balcony, don’t worry. Most tables often take up too much space that could be used otherwise effectively anyway. Instead, opting for a shelf that can be safely attached to your balcony railing can be super handy. It’s preferable to opt for a wood shelf to add a slightly rustic feel. Anyhow, all in all, this simple piece will help create the perfect spot to put down your drink or dinner.

3. Hang a Swing

There’s something pretty iconic and nostalgic about porch swings. However, just because you live in a city apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a nice swing. Fortunately, there are plenty of single-seat balcony swings that will fit and nestle perfectly into your small outside space. Decorate this swing with some colorful cushions for a super cozy look and added comfort. In case you aren’t allowed to hang up a swing on your balcony, invest in a cute free-standing egg chair instead.

4. Create a Reading Nook

The truth is that there are only so many activities you’re going to be carrying out on your small apartment balcony. You might spend a few minutes finishing your coffee or enjoying the beautiful sunrise, but reading a book is the most classic balcony activity of them all. Convert your restricted balcony space into a lovely reading nook, where you can spend your evening curled up with a nice book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The key to creating such a space is finding a chair big enough to curl up and small enough not to overwhelm the space.

5. Utilize Wall Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to a small space is forgetting to put their wall space to use. Don’t make the same mistake with your small apartment balcony. Utilize your balcony wall to add shelves for lights and plants. Put up wall slats for added organization and employ your windowsills for makeshift shelves. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your space without it feeling cramped up.

6. Set Up Plants

If you’re a fan of gardening and have an apartment balcony, it’s time to display your skills. Although you may not have a huge garden, you can still utilize pots for growing a small collection of herbs, such as cilantro and basil. No need to stop there! Make plants the essence of your balcony by lining your window sill with various-sized pots, hanging spider plants from fancy baskets, and draping ivy over tall shelves. That way, you can transform your dull space into a luxurious greenhouse.

7. Ditch the Furniture

The question is: is furniture really important for your balcony? Well, no! Remember how simple life was when the only thing we ever dreamt about was constructing our own fort with pillows and blankets? What if you could do that now? Apply the same childhood sentiment to your balcony by making an adult fort. All you need is some faux turf, a cozy, weather-proof blanket, and lots of pillows.

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8. Opt for a Daybed or Lounger

Why wait for an entire year to enjoy the luxuries of a private cabana. Make the most of your small outdoor living space by creating a stunning and dreamy cabana-like ambiance. To do this, simply opt for a huge daybed or an elongated lounger where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

9. Divert Focus towards the View

You probably want to create a conversational setup with your furniture. However, if your space is too limited, it’s best not to force it. Instead, consider arranging your furniture facing towards the view. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the view while conversing over a lovely glass of wine.

10. Play Around with Patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to make things feel bigger, louder, and way more important than they are. Don’t worry if you only have room for a few furniture pieces. Consider elevating your remaining space with various pattern cushions, striped pillows, and floral rugs. It might seem a little overwhelming and busy at first, but everything will fall into place once you find the correct ratio of pattern play.

11. Opt for Customized Furniture

Small spaces can be challenging to accommodate, especially when choosing the most appropriate furniture. However, if you’re someone who loves DIY, take matters into your own hands by constructing custom furniture that suits your tastes and fits your space. If not, you can also get a professional to tailor furniture according to your desires. For instance, folding furniture or multi-purpose furniture that can be tucked away or used for various purposes is an excellent choice for a small balcony.

Spruce up the look and feel of your small apartment balcony space by mixing up your inner interior designer and creative spirit. All in all, we hope that the ideas we’ve shared above give you the inspiration you need to create a stunning outdoor space!

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