10 Ways to Optimize Garage Space

A garage.
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Besides being a place to park your vehicle, a garage is one of the essential parts of your house. Even though homeowners don’t pay much attention to the garage, tools and seasonal home items are stored. Sometimes, homeowners through home supplies in the garage to keep them away from the prying eyes of their guests. This results in a cluttered garage, which  doesn’t have space left, especially when a car is parked. If you struggle with a messy garage with minimal space, you are not alone. If you want to find out more about ways to optimize the garage space on your property, stay tuned.


Invest in Garage Cabinets

Usually, when there is a lack of storage space, tools and other supplies end up on the floor, which results in a messy garage with little space to walk. This isn’t such a big problem, for all you need is some cabinetry. You can keep the garage organized with formal storage space while optimizing the space.

Hang Things to the Wall

Cabinets aren’t the only means of storage in a garage. You can also maximize storage possibilities by hanging tools and other necessary supplies to the walls. As a result, these tools will be easy to retrieve when needed, and they’re also won’t be an obstruction when you walk, even with the car parked. Water hoses, mops, spades, and cables are some of the many tools that can cling to a wall, thus maximizing the space in your garage.

Add Some Ceiling Storage

Sometimes, the cabinets and the walls run out of storage space. Does it mean it is okay to leave stuff on the floor? The answer is no. What you must do instead is to add some ceiling-mounted racks, as they are great for overhead storage. These racks are perfect for storing seasonal items, and they keep the eye-level spaces in your garage free of clutter. Make sure these racks are made of sturdy materials and installed correctly. Things can get a little messy if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.

Make a Folding Workbench

Sometimes, a garage is used for crafting purposes, and sometimes as a workshop. If such is the case with your garage, you should consider making a folding workbench. To add more space to the garage, opt for the ones attached to a wall. Therefore, you can fold them after your work is over. Besides adding to your garage space, these folding workbenches are easy to make and use.

Invest in Magnetic Boards

Ever thought about getting a magnetic board? That’s right, a magnetic board can come in handy, especially when you lose too many nuts and bolts. All you need is a magnetic metal plate. As long as you are working, you can make small metal items cling to the metal board, thus keeping them from getting lost. Moreover, a magnetic board prevents the likelihood of someone tripping, falling, or having an accident.

Go Mobile

This may seem a little weird, but it creates a work area upon wheels. A mobile workshop is a table with wheels that goes anywhere you need to perform a particular craft. It is not just a table but a storage space for tools and supplies that are otherwise found scattered across the garage floor. After the work is over, you can easily park this minimalistic trolley in a corner within your garage.

Get Some Shelving Upgrades

As we have already discussed, some people use the garage to house seasonal items like clothes and decoratives. If such is the case with your garage space, you might as well invest in some adjustable shelving upgrades. With adjustable shelves, you can quickly move around storage boxes at will. The best thing you can do is use some open wall shelves with wooden strips. You can place items inside plastic containers and store those containers on the shelves.

Install Pegboards and Hooks

The storage solutions just up the floor make your garage appear messy and cluttered. What you need to do is to use up the wall space to maximize your garage space. All you need are pegboards and hooks, and the job is done. Then, you can use these pegboards to keep rakes and other tools. You can make them big or small, depending upon your storage needs.

Keep Wires in a Single Place

Wires aren’t uncommon in a garage, and if left to lie around, they can make the garage very messy. Storing them properly is extremely important. You need to fold them properly and tie them with paper clips or zip ties. Please keep all of the wires in a single drawer, so they can be retrieved whenever you need them. You can also roll them and hang them on the wall.

Keep the Power Tools Away

Power tools are valuable components of your garage’s collection. However, they are rarely used, and it is okay even if they are stored somewhere you don’t access regularly. It is better to keep them hidden away if they aren’t needed.

The Final Word

These were just a handful of the many ways to optimize the garage space. You can come up with your hacks if you think creatively. The thing that you need to focus on the most is the organization of your garage. The more organized your garage is, the better space it will have. Apart from organizing your garage, you must also make sure the garage is cleaned correctly. A dirty and dusty garage space tends to appear cluttered, thus making your garage an unsightly eyesore. When optimizing your garage space, the tips mentioned above will give you a roadmap for what you need to do. Also, don’t forget to factor in the size of your garage, its dimensions, and your style preferences.