10 Tips to Modernize Your Bathroom

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Do you have an old-fashioned bathroom that reminds you of your childhood?

If the answer is yes, then you need to modernize your bathroom. This post provides you with ten bathroom decorating ideas that will help you transform your old-fashioned bathroom into a modern-day space. You can choose some or all of these ways to update your bathroom depending upon your budget, availability of time and space, your vision for bathroom design, and update your bathroom space so you may linger a little longer.

1. Identify What You Need to Change

Before you get started with ways to update your bathroom, you need to take a closer look around and identify the changes you need to make to your existing bathroom. Are you planning some major transformation to your existing bathroom? Do you want to change the color palette or want to change the existing design? Do you want to replace the old bathtub with a more spacious shower space?

Getting an idea of what you need to change will bring more clarity and help you identify ways to update your bathroom.

2. Choose a Theme

As you figure out what aspects of your bathroom you need to modernize, you need to choose a theme next. Take a look around your home and rooms and learn more about the color schedule and design style. If you have a trendy contemporary style home ambiance, it’s best to stick on the same lines as choosing bathroom decorating ideas.

3. Refresh the Walls

Are you looking for a quick way to give a new and fresh feel to your bathroom? Try refreshing the walls with a new coat of paint. If you want to keep your bathroom remodeling to a minimum, choose a paint color that enhances the existing structures in your bathroom. If you are up for a major bathroom improvement project, you can also go to install wall tiles to update your bathroom.

4. Inspect the Hardware

Do you have old and rusty towel racks and faucets? Do you have stained vanity that’s damaged and out of style? As you look for ways to update your bathroom, take a closer at your bathroom’s hardware. If you have budget constraints, you can save yourself some money by repainting your existing vanity into a newer shade. And if budget is not a constraint and you have the luxury of time, you can opt for trendy replacements. For a neutral-colored or white bathroom, adding a black or darker toned vanity is one of the best ways to add style and modernized appeal to your existing bathroom.

5. Replace the Old Bathtub

Do you have an old-school bathtub installed in your bathroom?

Why not get rid of it and replace it with a free-standing bathtub that’s both chic and functional? Or maybe a simple shower can be a better alternative as it gives you a lot more space in the bathroom.

Replacement of an old bathtub is often considered a major bathroom remodeling project but don’t worry as it is a great way of modernizing your bathroom without breaking the bank.

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6. Change the Shower

If you wonder how to update your bathroom with an old shower, replacing the shower can make all the difference. Since the shower can be a focal point in your bathroom, try replacing your old and water-stained shower with an inexpensive, one-piece shower replacement kit and bring new life to your aging bathroom.

And if you don’t want to replace your entire shower, you can also transform your shower experience similar by changing your current shower head for a more sensational rain shower head.

7. Don’t Forget the Flooring

And while you are modernizing your bathroom and updating the walls and fixtures, don’t forget the flooring. If time and budget permit, you can replace flooring from tiles to more modern vinyl flooring. But if you don’t want to get into the hassle of renovating your bathroom flooring, you can try adding water-proof, anti-slip mats that are available in a variety of colors and designs. Floor mats add to the safety feature in your bathroom and add a lot more life and color to your bathroom.

8. Redo the Lighting

Takedown the ghastly toned chandelier that has been a part of your bathroom for ages and redo the lighting to add some modernized décor to your bathroom. You can repaint your existing lighting fixtures or add in new lighting to brighten up your bathroom. Don’t forget to add some lighting on top of the mirror, along with an overhead lighting fixture. To add a modernized appeal to your bathroom lighting, you can also go for layered as it adds depth to your bathroom.

9. Get a New Mirror

If you have a small mirror in your bathroom that’s damaged and lacks modern appeal, get a new oversized mirror for your bathroom. You can recreate a more spacious bathroom without adding anything to the dimensions with a large bathroom mirror.

But if your current bathroom’s mirror is in great shape and lacks the modern appeal you desire, why not refurbish it? Install a new frame and transform the look of your existing bathroom mirror. Read this article on how you can frame a bathroom mirror with clips.

10. Add Some Luxury

If you are thinking of how to update your bathroom, don’t forget to add some luxury. Go for a heated towel rack that can offer warm towels on cold winter days. Or install a water-resistant shower speaker with connectivity options so you can enjoy your favorite music while you shower. Add a few bath salts, aromatic hand washes, and sweet-smelling lotions for a more luxurious experience.

You can also decorate the bathroom walls with canvas painting or wall décor and add a few green plants on the floor.

Final Words

You don’t always have to spend a large fortune to decorate and modernize your bathroom. You can always do it with minimal spending and effort. Choose these tips to modernize your bathroom and give a new, chic look to your existing outdated bathroom.